#393) This Penetrating Stare

With my Past lovers
(and Lord knows there have been more than a few),
we liked to “do it” in the Doggy position.
It seemed right to me to be treated like a Bitch,
after all, they’d just Beaten my butt,
sniffed me all over, put me in a collar and leash.
Why not possess me carnally in that way, too?

But with you at that Significant moment,
you said you wanted me in the
Missionary position. I didn’t know you super well,
and I made some Assumptions
(that’s how my Parents have sex, it’s not as Raunchy,
it won’t be as good because he won’t get into me as Deep).
But besides giving me a really Satisfying Fuck when you
Thrust into me for the Very first time, you gave me
this Penetrating Stare, one filled with
Vulnerability and Sincere Openness.

When Eagles have sex, I’m told that they
Soar way up high, then the pair lock talons
and touch Cloaca and Tumble down towards earth.
I like to think that they also lock Eyes,
with that Distinctive Piercing look of theirs.
That’s how you Looked at me. So we have sex in
That position Frequently now. I like to think that we
Make love like that, and in Other positions
we just fuck, Satisfy urges, clear your ducts
and muck up my tubes.

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