#395) Like Rupunzel

I want to share my feelings, my current headspace.

Obviously, I like to write. But this blog is like a voracious beast, it needs to be fed constantly. So I write enough to be about a week ahead. Right now I have seven pieces ready to post. But there’s a loss in trying to stay ahead of the game. When I write a piece that I’m particularly pleased with, I have to seriously delay my gratification (for a week) before I feel the reward of having my public appreciate it. I’m left waiting…

Compound this with the fact that my new love is away from me on a business trip. I was just getting used to getting spanked and fucked again by someone special (by someone at all instead of by myself!) when he had to travel and leave me behind. I’m pining away, wanting to share my thoughts, share kisses. I want to share the day’s experiences with him, to catch him up and he with me. Mostly I really want to be turned over his knee and to feel his hand across my ass, and then to sate our yearning desires with a satisfying fuck! I feel like Rupunzel in her isolated tower, wanting to “let her hair down” in every sense. I have briefly, mentally considered letting someone else “pull my hair for me.” I’m having regular wet dreams about being unfaithful, trysting with someone else, especially another nasty woman. She’d have to prove her interest and desire by scaling up the tower’s wall before I’d let them “have their way with me” by disciplining me, subduing me with a sound spanking and then with passionate sex. I realize that this would be “just fucking around” instead of making memories with my true love while making love. It’s just imaginings, fantasies, dreams born out of loneliness. So I’m waiting, like Rupunzel…

3 responses to “#395) Like Rupunzel”

  1. Spanking is such a basic need for you and sex is right there with it. With Bob gone there is major hole in your life because he took it with him. That has to be awful for you. And fantasizing doesn’t fill the empty spaces. In fact it can lead to more of a hunger.
    I hope Bob becomes the one that fills your needs in spades. May he fill gaps no one else can fill.
    This post is special
    Thanx sooooo much!

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  2. It’s funny. Love and sex can be related. But they don’t have to be. I think if you separate love and sex, the sex can be much better.
    If I had been born a woman, which unfortunately is not the case, I would have become a sex worker. One of my favorite ideas.

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    • For me, that’s the beauty of a one-night stand. I don’t think men realize that sometimes women just want an anonymous intense fuck, too. It’s better when love & sex combine, the whole enchilada, but it’s thrilling to turn oneself over to a stranger, to give up control for the unknown.

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