#398) One Way to Express Love

I was going to make a shopping run to the mall. Amazingly, my boyfriend, Robert, said that he’d be glad to come along. I thought he had an ulterior motive, but we walked right past the entrance to Victoria’s Secret without him trying to steer me inside. I had to comment.
“I’m kinda surprised that you walked right past that store, didn’t even window-shop…”
Robert looked at me incredulously. “Would you drizzle chocolate sauce on filet mignon?”
I felt complimented, I felt loved! If I could’ve seduced him right there on the polished tile floor, I would have, but just kissed him passionately instead.
We walked into Target, I put the several items I needed in our cart.
“Do you need anything?” I asked.
Robert took control of the cart, steered us to a different department. He picked up a package of three Jockey brand women’s white cotton underwear and put them in the cart. “I’m good now,” he said. I wondered what he had planned, but didn’t ask.
We’ve established a morning routine during the weeks we’ve been dating. I don’t drink coffee, so Robert bought a second expresso maker for my place to match the one he has in his. I’m an early-riser, so usually wake-up about eight (during the summer months off from teaching), perform my toilette, make him a cup of expresso, bring it to Robert in bed, and lounge with him on top of the sheets. At some point in time, when that caffeine has hit his system, he’ll reach out to pat or caress or pinch my bottom. This will lead to more frolicsome play. Suffice it to say that we usually start off with a bang daily.
But this morning there was a paper note attached to the expresso machine. It said, “Please wear a pair of these when you bring me the expresso cup. Love, Bob” On the kitchen counter was that package of Jockey undies. As asked, I put a pair on to cover a little of my nudity. I brought him his small cup. The aroma opened his eyes before I could say anything. Different from every other day’s routine, he took the white porcelain cup from me this morning and put it on the bedside table. He sat up in bed as I stood before him.
Robert rested his forehead on my navel-indented tummy. He reached around me with both hands and kneaded the flesh of my fanny roughly through the thin fabric. Unexpectedly, almost savagely, my lover pressed his fingers and thumbs into the new panties. His digits burst through the cotton along my butt crack. He ripped the entire seat of these panties out of the garment. The elastic still encircled my waist, but the backside dangled off my exposed ass. The suddenness of this, the barely bridled power of it made me gasp. It made me gush with instantaneous excitement. It made me swoon. Robert swiped my wet slit with his tongue, then turned me over the edge of the bed. He spanked me. It was not the playful, casually languid spanking I’d grown used to; it was fiercely urgent, ravenous, animal. I could not contain myself. I came. With the remnants of the Jockeys still hanging off me, Robert extricated himself from underneath my hips, hovered over me, aimed his erection against my slit, and penetrated me. I came again almost immediately, even harder than before, harder than I could remember climaxing. It was so passionate, so need-filled, so raw. It left me breathless and shaking and so fulfilled. But that was just ground zero from which Robert intended to push me up the mountainside to a new orgasmic pinnacle. He fucked me unrelentingly hard, making his agenda of blowing my mind unquestionably clear. I ascended from one plateau to the next, ever higher all the time, coming all the harder along each jagged-edged precipice.
It was no longer morning because time had stopped. We were no longer in my bedroom because that mountain pinnacle was so sheer, the air so thin. I was almost there, the peak was within reach, the release so incredible, so close, when an avalanche swept me up. I never had an orgasm that was so disorienting that it was discombobulating, that I thought I might die, that I thought I had died. Everything was white. I couldn’t breathe. Suddenly I could, the light was blinding, I was inhaling gulps of air, but most of all, my sex was radiating light and heat and satisfaction.
When my brain decided to work once more, a thought surfaced. When my tongue decided to work again, I gave it voice.
“Did you ever think… that tomorrow morning… will be so anticlimactic… in comparison…?”
Robert thought for a moment. “You have two more pair of underpants in that package… How about I tie you spreadeagled to the bedposts and bullwhip the panties off you…?”
The mental image gave me goosebumps. “How about we let today be the high water mark in terms of thrills. We can revisit it again if we think things are getting boring…” Robert seemed content with this, but curiosity itched at me. “Do you own a bullwhip? Do you know how to use one?”
“No and no, but I know that there are YouTube instructions on-line. They say you can dislocate your shoulder if you try to crack one incorrectly…”
“Like I said, let’s let today be enough for now…” I kissed my lover. “It was fucking fantastic!” I will never forget the day that my lover ripped the pants right off me…

4 responses to “#398) One Way to Express Love”

  1. That is soooo hot! He seems to know your body and what excites you. AND he apparently performs so well!
    In terms of sexual things (at least) you done really good finding him!
    It also goes without saying (but I want to say it anyway) he struck the mother lode when he found
    Jean Marie!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you! Let me blushingly remind everyone that I love to blur the lines. Some of this written piece MAY be factual, some of it IS made-up. I like to get naked, not expose myself too flagrantly…

      Liked by 2 people

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