#399) Self Care My Way

I recognized that I was in a funk. So I thought of a way to remedy it.

I cleaned my apartment really well. (It’s always neat, but I wanted it pristine.) I went grocery shopping for lots of salad fixings, and made a huge one. And then I invited LOTS of girlfriends over for lunch today, telling them that I’d provide the salad and they could bring whatever else. We had a lovely time! I stayed clothed, which felt like a novel change. But I did see several teaching colleagues peruse my bookshelves, which contain LOTS of tomes, including some erotica, including some spanking erotica. It felt SO liberating knowing that I wouldn’t be joining them in the struggle of teaching this upcoming year! Because it was at my place and I wouldn’t be driving, I indulged for the first time in two years and enjoyed several glasses of good, chilled white wine. So I’m flying and feeling no pain!

I didn’t embarrass myself in any conversations in my inebriated state. My mind was working in overdrive, however. Did my library strike a chord with any of my vanilla girlfriends? Are my girlfriends vanilla? What conversations might a glimpse of my reading material engender in the future…?

In my altered state, while I stuffed my mouth and others carried the conversational ball, talking about the burdens of teaching right now in America, my mind went to the topic of nicknames. One friend who was speaking is nicknamed Muffy. I wonder if she was given this because of her muff, her pussy. I doubt it, but I hope so! I fantasized about her in a sorority, all the girls calling her this nickname because her pussy was so famous for being untrimmed, a veritable jungle of pubes. I restrained myself from inviting her into my bedroom and exploring her humid jungle foliage, the steaming volcano beneath…

I thought about other nicknames. My grandfather would retell stories about a radio broadcast named Fibber Magee. That’s a good nickname, but would inspire a lack of trust. My father would smilingly retell the stories of an early TV show, Our Gang, with a character nicknamed Spanky. Now that’s a superb nickname! How did he get his label, by being the spanker or being the spankee? I would guess the latter. What if my girlfriends start calling me by that nickname because of my library shelves’ contents!

As you might know, I follow thoroughbred horse racing and breeding. (More than just during the Triple Crown races.) There are trainers with nicknames like Rusty, Shug, Skip. One from yesteryear (the early 1900’s) was called Hard Dick!

Now that my luncheon guests have all gone, I’m going to take off my clothes. With my head floating, I’ll probably end up laying down and having my way with myself. I’m such an easy lay…

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