#402) Hunger and Appetite

If you increase your food intake regularly, you will stretch your stomach’s capacity. You’ll want more food because of this increased appetite; you’ll enlarge your hunger. But, if you go hungry regularly, you’ll shrink that capacity.
So it is with food, but not so with sex, at least, not for me. I’ve probably been too open about a newfound relationship where we were able to hump like bunny rabbits, morning, noon, and night, until he had to go away on business. I’ve been without him for over a week, shouldn’t my greed for his goodies have diminished somewhat by now?
Instead, I feel as though I have “HORNY” emblazoned across my forehead. If I put on a ballcap, it’d be transformed into the one pictured above, still proclaiming my needy state. If I got hooked up to a meter, its readings would be off the chart!

I’d break the frigging thing!

If you combined the collective horniness of all these amassed deer, it wouldn’t compare with mine.

Now, I’m going to try to be ladylike and not detail any more. I assure you that I’m remaining faithful to my lover, at least in the spirit of our agreement. If obeying it “to the letter” means that I can’t indulge in my writing “process” with fiction and with friction, then I’m a lost cause.

On a brighter note, we’re planning a trip to take together when he gets back, before the school year starts for me. I’ll tell you more when I know more.

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