#403) Being Good (In Another Way)

I want to describe a double-edged sword.

I have been extremely gratified to have created the loyal audience of readers that exists for this blog! On the one hand, I’ve wanted to reciprocate. I have tried diligently and frequently to go on the links that WordPress provides me as author to try to read many of your blog posts. Sometimes I’ve been successful. More often, I’ve been frustrated with tech glitches that have prevented my success. Sometimes I’ve dropped comments or written emails to praise your individual work. Often I’ve been thwarted in this, too, by technology.

There is something else that holds me back, though. As a writer, I find my ideas are the grist for my creative writing mill. I fear reading other people’s work in case I might find inspiration there. This happens naturally, as it is. Many months ago, I wrote a piece (#27 – “Sitting Afterward”) and the day I published the post, another respected blog writer published a piece on her experience of being made to sit on a special stool post-punishment. Neither of us plagiarized the other, it’s the nature of writing that there might be some overlap of ideas. But I want to try to avoid any misunderstandings.

Just in case you were wondering. I read as much as I feel comfortable reading, as much as time will allow, wherever my interests lead me. I LOVE this community of bloggers, readers, lurkers, all spankos! And I really could write an autobiography like the one pictured above…

4 responses to “#403) Being Good (In Another Way)”

    • Welcome, Frank, nice to hear from you!
      I was a lurker for years, until I got up the nerve to be Me. So I don’t think badly of lurkers, but I DO LOVE to hear from readers!
      Jean Marie

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    • Yes, I, too, favor a sex positive attitude in the blogs I choose to read. Being in academia, I’m very conscious of avoiding anything that could be construed as plagiarism. Thank you, Christian!


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