#404) Jean Marie’s Butt – A User’s Guide

Robert wrote this piece at my request before he went on his business trip. I’ve reread it multiple times to help deal with my missing him. I’ve wanted to edit it slightly, but promised that I would not change a thing from what he wanted to say. So, here is another piece from Robert.

Jean Marie asked me to write my perspective about two weeks ago. I tried and found it difficult. She told me that what I said was appreciated and readers wanted more. So here I am facing the white screen all over again feeling writer’s block. Jean Marie said she’d help and started by coming up with this great title.
I feel like I am the luckiest man in the world! Jean Marie is self-conscious about some of her issues, but I tell her that everyone has issues. She is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. (We just fought over me including this line but I want to because it is so true. She is telling me to stick to the subject of her big butt.) She is beautiful. Those two things don’t often go together which makes her all the more attractive. Her butt is not that big! I mean it is round but it is shapely and toned. I just made her submit to having her hip measurement taken. She is 37 inches there. That is not big as in fat or un-proportional. She told me that when she was growing up some mean girls teased her because her butt developed early. I told her that they were just jealous. If she is self-conscious about her butt, it doesn’t show in the way she moves. She flirts with her butt. She tells me that this is because she feels it is where her sexuality is centered. Jean Marie is very sexual. I don’t think you are surprised by this but she walks the walk as well as talks/writes about it. I was amazed because with the slow start that we got off on, I wondered if we’d just be platonic friends. But once she gave the go ahead to exploring sexual aspects Jean Marie made up for lost time. She smartly said that if we were going to do all the things she had in mind that we ought to be exclusive in a committed relationship but I didn’t mind.
Jean Marie is reminding me to get back on track with what readers asked for. Several readers asked what it’s like to spank Jean Marie. That’s tough to put into words except to say it is heavenly! But I’ll try. First, you need to know that Jean Marie has a special kind of butt. It has a special, complex name, called callipygous. It means that when you view this type of butt from the side, it’s shaped like a C, it sticks out. Jennifer Lopez has this type of butt. The next thing to remember is that she works-out so it is toned. It jiggles like something out of a dream. There is no cellulite, it’s all muscle and baby fat. What I like is that she keeps working-out. Some women I’ve known quit that as soon as they get into a relationship. But Jean Marie sees her butt as an important part of her identity. She proudly says that she wants a sexy butt when she’s sixty and I don’t think she’s kidding. Second, she can really take a spanking. I have never seen someone who loves spanking so much. She said she was insatiable after the first time I spanked her so I tried to push that statement to make her prove it. Jean Marie can be bruised and sore and still eager for more. I have seen tears still on her face and have her smile and turn tail to stick her butt up for another spanking. That quality of desire for punishment makes Jean Marie curious. She is very experienced. She knows that she dislikes wooden implements and favors leather ones. I think part of this is psychological and part from experience. She associated wooden toys with punishment and leather ones for playtime. Third, her sexuality is not limited to just spanking and impact play. She’s also proud in talking about all kinds of butt stuff with you and doing it all with me. Early in our relationship she openly told me something, that her butt had two functions. One of course was to poop (she doesn’t like to say the word shit). The other is the focus for sexual things. She said to me that she (like most people) poops once a day and that she likes to maintain a ratio of two sexy things daily compared to the one functional one. So we have anal play or anal sex or spanking or strapping or paddling or whipping or massage or something else several times every day. She is firm that none of these should involve “fecal matter.” She is a stickler on hygiene, sometimes showers after a bowel movement to be sure she is clean back there. She has shared that if I want to share the other aspect, she would be open to submitting to an enema from me but otherwise, poop doesn’t enter into anything we do. It seems crazy to be talking about or even thinking about shit when discussing Jean Marie’s butt because when you see or feel her incredible butt, you can only think about it being one of the wonders of the world, it is that perfect!
Another thing Jean Marie has firm ideas about is presentation and manners. She believes a submissive should present her butt for punishment willingly and hold still for it no matter how severe it gets. Jean Marie practices what she preaches with this. I have caned her, I have slippered her butt with a plimsole. She has cried during several punishments with these and other implements but she has never dodged or tried to reach back and protect herself or fought in any other way. She is a pleasure to punish. (I just came up with that line and Jean Marie is raving about it now! She thinks I’m getting good at this writing, but I don’t agree.)
So it doesn’t matter if it’s for fun or for punishment, it doesn’t matter if it is right away when we wake up or anytime during the day or right before bed, Jean Marie is always ready and willing. Imagine her crawling over your lap and arching her lower back and sticking her beautiful big butt right in your face. You rub her butt, find the flesh cool. It is a pale pink triangle because she doesn’t like thong bathing suit bottoms, she likes tan lines. Each butt cheek is a globe, both cheeks add up to an amazing spherical globe. You part her along her dark deep dividing line to see a deep valley between these globes, see a perfect, pink, tight little but hole. As much as she likes anal play, her anus shows no wear and tear. Just getting into position and getting inspected gets her excited. Her labia majora is swollen and glistening. You release her cheeks and they spring back and jiggle and beg to be spanked. So you indulge her desires because she is so sweet and so you spank. Now she’s really jiggling, turning pinker, warming up. Jean Marie is smiling but making little noises, deeper breaths, whimpers. I defy you to spank her for very long and not get hard. You make her get up so you can relieve some of the pressure and get it out. If it’s not punishment, she may playfully take you in hand, put your erection between her thighs, lay back down with your cock nestled between her soft upper legs and her wet pussy lips. As you spank, she bounces on your lap and jacks you off. Without any other stimulation, she may get off and climax from just being spanked. How long can you hold off? When must you stop spanking because it’s all too sexy?
I’m not sure if I answered the readers questions or not but that’s what comes to my mind. I cannot praise her personality too much because she is such a sweetheart, I cannot praise her butt and shape and beauty too much because she is perfect. (She has argued with me while I wrote this because she’s embarrassed by what I want to say, but if she wants to turn it over to me she has to let me do it my way!)


3 responses to “#404) Jean Marie’s Butt – A User’s Guide”

  1. Great and descriptive comments Robert, we as her readers can only imagine just what a sexy little spanking minx she must be. Having this kind of sensual and sexy sweet relationship is quite special indeed. Bottoms up 🔥

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