#405) Perspectives

When I started this blog half a year ago, I studied my data a lot. (It thrilled me, for instance, to see that this blog was read by so many people throughout Europe!) Seeing the male-dominated demographics in my stats, I made a conscious choice to cater to that. It was natural in terms of my editorial slant, but not so much in terms of the pictures that I wanted to accompany my work. (In the end, I just went with what art work appealed to me, as a female submissive, as a spanko with a butt-centric fetish, as a heterosexual with strong bi-sexual tendencies, etc.) You can see this by looking at some of my earliest posts (except for those I had to edit because of WordPress rules) and how this has evolved over time. But I want to play with that a little now, as I analyze perspectives.

Please look at the above drawing. I see it and relate to the schoolgirl, but I imagine most men see it from the opposite point of view. It’s open to interpretation as to whether that’s hers or his juices dripping from their sex act. Is that sex act just from behind, or in her behind?

Now look at this photo. This was the inspiration for my thinking on this topic. I find this photo erotic in the extreme! But I don’t think that the majority of my readership will, so it won’t be the type of shot that dominates my posts, it’s just a momentary indulgence.

Similarly, this photo caught my eye as I surfed the net, captured my imagination. (Is it clear that the cat is away right now, and this mouse is feeling playful?)

Finally, please peruse this picture. Anthony Bourdain is (still) an inspiration for me in lots of ways, particularly in his admonishment to get out there and try different things, experiment, enjoy the variety of tastes in the wide world. Before women’s liberation, this quote would have been more male-oriented. Only men were given permission to use one’s body this way. Now we are all free to take the ride (to let someone else get on and ride you…); it’s all in one’s perspective!

One response to “#405) Perspectives”

  1. The illustration struck me as suggesting the latter, or ‘in’ as opposed to ‘just from’ her behind. Individual ‘perspective’ as you note, being the determiner of what the bend of her knees and the physical movement lines the artist used might suggest.

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