#407) Word Meaning/Mean Words

Pop culture is abuzz with the most recent dust-up. It seems Lizzo wrote a song called “Grrrls” with a lyric that used a slang term for the word spastic. When she was told about this, that the slang word could be offensive, she retracted the song, wrote a new lyric, and reissued the tune. Nonetheless, some people sniped about her initial error, piling-on as our society seems to like to do.

Then Trevor Noah did a riff about all this on his “Daily Show” on TV. He wove in the British slang word for cigarette, and the use of the N-word. I found his monologue both intelligent and eloquent.

Words are tricky, particularly the differences between English speaking countries, like the U.S. versus England, Canada, Australia, some other countries that have it as a second language. For example, the second definition in my dictionary for spanker is a gaff sail on a square-rigged ship, and for spanking, the second definition is brisk and fresh, as in a spanking breeze.

So here I am with my fanny hanging out. In America that means my bottom. In a lot of areas in the world, that word means vagina. Actually, both of my regions are bare right now, but confusion is easy, especially for a blogger with readers around the world. I hope you’re reading this with a smile on your face because that’s the spirit for which it’s intended. (With WordPress’ restrictions, I didn’t dare post a photo demonstrating these differences graphically! So, in the photo featured, the man is looking at the pretty miss’ English fanny, while we all get to gaze at her American fanny.)

3 responses to “#407) Word Meaning/Mean Words”

  1. The pic is great and I liked the word play you used to present it with. You have a real knack for this writin’ stuff. That’s why I read everything u post and enjoy it.
    Thanx bunches !!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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