#408) A Great Introduction

I recently spoke about plagiarism, and how my fears of inadvertently stumbling into doing it limit me. Today I read the first lines of a short story that struck me so hard, I want to quote them here, to get them out, expressed to all, so I won’t have them running through my mind henceforth. The short story that the lines come from is “Laser Tag” written by Madeline Glass:

“The first time he spanked me, I thought he was a pervert. The second time he did it, I wondered if I was. By the third time, I was certain that both were true.”

Isn’t that superb?! Like all great literature, this line seemed like the author was speaking directly to me. It also sounds like the lady in question had a great introduction to spanking. (By the way, the accompanying photo is all over the Internet, but was produced by Firmhand Spanking. When photos are credited, I try to pass that on, as well.)

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