#410) My Dream Last Night (Part I)

First, I knew someone in my past who delighted in telling me their dream from the night before in great detail. I found this extremely boring. I don’t think that this will bore you.

Second, for the product placement in this piece, JLo advertised her new cream wearing the outfit pictured above. Only she could pull-off a bathing suit that both has a turtleneck AND reveals most of her big ass! (Although I’d love to try to pull it off, literally.) The product I describe is actually on the market.

Third, after the day I had yesterday, I was exhausted by bedtime. My psyche had been primed by a day full of frequent self-spankings followed by self-pleasurings. Consequently, my brain unpacked its debris in the dream that I now recount…

He comes home to me from his long trip away! I want to cover him in kisses, but he has other plans. He hands me a small gift bag, and insists that I open it instead of opening his mouth for French kisses.

The bag contains a small jar. I read the label, JLo brand Firm and Flaunt Targeted Booty Balm. The tiny vessel still has the price tag on it, $65.00!

“She says it really works,” he says as he turns me over his knee and bares my bottom.

“She just has good genes,” I reply as he rubs fingers-full of the pink cream into my pink posterior.

“You have good genes, but I thought it was worth a try…”

“Thank you! It feels nice!” I read the label, it contains caffeine, shea butter, pepperslim, all kinds of stuff to rejuvenate, smooth, lift. It tingles. He uses a lot of it on me, I feel indulged and pampered. That is, until he starts to spank.

“It’s been so long!” I sigh as the stiff spanks hit home. They sting all the more because my buttocks are moistened.

“It doesn’t look it, you’re bruised back here…”

“I did that myself, to myself, out of loneliness… need…”

“We’ll cure that…!” he says, and does, with a long, hard, heavenly thrashing. It takes me right to the edge of my endurance, right to the cusp of nirvana. Then he turns me around, while my head is still spinning he impales me, takes me as his, fucks me relentlessly. We climax in tandem, our bodies so overjoyed at being joined that they cannot hold off the simultaneous explosion.

“By the way, welcome home!” I enthuse with what little energy I have left minutes later, still on the couch. Now I’m able to kiss him some more. “How about I come back to your place to help you unpack, do your laundry…?” Normally I don’t like playing stereotypical gender roles, but I’m just so happy to have him back! “Then, after that little rest break, we can make love again…”

His hand gravitates to my warm, red rump as he smiles. I’ve longed for his touch, especially there! Fingers wander into the crevice, explore deeper. I reach back and put my hand on his hand, gently but firmly push it in further, granting permission for him to go even deeper.

“For round two, maybe you’d like to fuck me there…” and he knows exactly what I mean.

He picks up the little jar. “Do you think this stuff works on rosebuds as well as cheeks?”

“Pretty expensive anal lube!” I giggle. “Yeah, I’m willing to try it, lover!”

We get up from the couch, put our disheveled clothing aright, and head out the door, hand-in-hand.

I woke up from this vivid dream with a start. My butt was tingling, but it was the emotions from the dream that stayed with me most profoundly. For as long as the dream lasted, I felt so content. I want to try to hold onto that fulfilled feeling, to get me through, until when he returns for real.

3 responses to “#410) My Dream Last Night (Part I)”

  1. If this dream were turned into a feature film I believe your “warm red rump” ( I really really liked that phrase) would have won an Oscar as best supporting actress. Your rump responses to various stimuli are quite artistic and I tip my hat to you (I don’t really wear hats but you get the idea)
    Thanx for a great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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