#412) Give and Take

The natural give and take of the mother/daughter relationship had become strained to the breaking point…

“You know, I’m tired of your attitude and sass, young lady, get your pants down. I’m giving you a spanking!”
“Oh, give me a break, Mom, I’m too old for that shit!”
“That’s just what I mean! You take me for granted as your personal money machine, but clearly couldn’t give a care about my rules. I mean it, get your hairbrush out of your purse and give it to me…”
Mother and daughter tussle over the purse, but eventually the attractive but enangered forty year old prevails. Then she wrestles her attractive and unruly twenty year old daughter over her knee.
“No, Mom, please, not here! It’s too public! Don’t pull those down, please! Ouch! Damn it that stings! God, I hate that hairbrush! Stop! Please!”
A good, old fashioned bare bottomed hairbrush spanking ensues. Mother paddles her errant offspring for resisting her, for her language, for her attitude, and just on principle.
“Take that! You’ve turned into a little bitch, and I’m not putting up with it any longer!”
After a very long time, a contrite, magenta-buttocked college coed sprawls across her mother’s lap, all the fight taken out of her. The reformate can only cry for long minutes after the spanking has ceased. Then, without care about who might see, the punished girl reaches back and unabashedly rubs her wounded bottom. In so doing, she gives everyone a good look at her privates, her pussy and anus.
“Damn, Mom, you really gave it to me,” she sobs.
“You deserved every bit of it, Cheryl. I swear, sometimes I don’t recognize the hellion you’ve become! You give me no choice…”
“I’m sorry!”
“You say that now, but within the hour you’ll be back to being a bitch. When I get you home, we’ll talk about what privileges I’ll be taking away…”
“Fuck! None of my girlfriends have a Dominatrix for a parent! Jeez…”
“That’s what I’m talking about, Cheryl!” she cries out with exasperation. Cheryl had been pulling her panties back up and getting off her mother’s lap. It’s such an ignominious position to have to take, the girl was thinking to herself. But this train of thought was derailed as her mother pushed her back down and began wailing the tar out of Cheryl’s resilient cheeks once more with renewed energy. She might not have learned her lesson yet, but the collegian was smart enough to just shut up and take it until her mother’s ire was dissipated. “I swear, you’re giving me gray hair!” lamented the woman who had been dying her tresses for several years already.
Two cool trendsetters strolled into the dorm common room where mom had disciplined daughter and did a double-take.
“Take a look at that… Is that Cheryl?” one whispered to the other.
Both guffaw at how red-faced their dorm-floor-friend was at present, and red-cheeked. Then they sing out in unison, “Have a pleasant Christmas Break, Cheryl! Happy holidays, Mrs. Smith!”
“Thank you, girls,” the mother calls back with a wave, hairbrush still in hand. Cheryl can’t look, she just hangs her head, trying to seem as though she couldn’t give a fuck.

(First, I got the idea for this piece when I became aware just how much the words “give” and “take” were used in relation to spanking. Hope you enjoy!

Second, I liked the defiant look in the eye of the pretty woman in the above photograph. She looked like she needs a spanking, just on principle! I say that because I’m known to get that resting bitch face.

And finally, the video to the left is from C.P. Entertainment, the company run by Chelsea Pfeiffer, who is the spanker in this clip. I respect her highly for her body of work, both as a bottom and as a Top, and as a producer! She’s spanking the well-known Samantha Woolery, who is famous for her squirming during her spankings. It makes for an entertaining video, but I don’t respect that behavior in real life. I’d spank her much harder for it, if ever I got that cute butt across my knee.)

4 responses to “#412) Give and Take”

  1. The story is cool! I love the idea of semi-public spankings and the spankee being concerned about someone seeing her get her bare bottom spanked- that is until the pain intensifies and her focus is much more on her backside than her surroundings.(A long hard spanking can sure change the recipient’ s priorities as the punishment goes on.)
    Oh and the girl in the clip seems to be much more focused on squirming than she is on the spanking. Mama needs to get her focused on the main event.
    Thanx for the post!

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    • If I got the opportunity to discipline Samantha W., my 1st words would be, “If you don’t hold still, I’ll start over again! I don’t care how badly I have to beat your bottom, you’ll learn to take it like a good girl, or else!”

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  2. When a spankee becomes so focused on the onslaught of slaps to her bottom that she is unaware (or only slightly aware )of what goes on around her:Is that a form of subspace?

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