#413) Hold Still!

In yesterday’s post (#412, “Give and Take”) I mentioned that Samantha Woolery is well known for wiggling during her filmed discipline for several companies over the years. I was taught that this is bad form. So instead of leaving you with her poor example, I’d like to present these positive ones.

I’ve never seen (or experienced) anything like what is being done to the young lady pictured above, but I approve of it as a way to train good manners in keeping all parts of the body still during punishment.

This redhead impressed me greatly with how she accepts a stern strapping! Only her vocal pitch betrays the fact that what she’s receiving really hurts. That’s Michael Masterson administering the punishment for his company Real Spankings Network. I don’t recognize who the redhead is, but she should get a shout-out for her self-discipline during his no-nonsense leathering!

6 responses to “#413) Hold Still!”

    • LOL, I assure you that I’m not this model! I’m actually super impressed with her ability to take a hard strapping. M. Masterson doesn’t fool around; it is a wet dream and a nightmare thinking about having to bend over for his punishment!

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  1. Is that sometimes a trait of a natural submissive or does a sub always have to be trained for that? Training her could be enjoyable 🤔😄 Do I sound like a Master with a slave or just a humble caring husband? Oh the thoughts you have planted in my head! Thanx for the post!

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    • I think it all depends on one’s ability to withstand pain, but I had to be trained. Yes, I am a provocative seed-planter, but it’s because of the rich, receptive soil of your dirty, fertile mind!

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    • Except her vocal chords, and even there, she doesn’t scream and plead, just a little yelp. Maybe she’s blessed with a cast iron butt. Still, I think some Tops would take it as a challenge to get her to react more by beating her all the harder…

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