#416) The Push and Pull to Get Through

The pull of travel post-Covid was too alluring for the young couple. They were young in every sense, they were both just twenty-seven years of age, and they were a young couple, having dated one another for just a few brief months. They were definitely in that sweet, getting-to-know-each-other stage.
“Fair warning, young lady, you’re pushing it…!”
Nancy had been bratting all morning, and was secretly pleased that her efforts were getting through to her Top, Nate. She’d put off packing until this very morning, had been borderline disrespectful to the TSA inspectors, now she was surly with her lover.
“What’re you gonna do, spank me right here at the boarding gate? Look how crowded it is! You’d probably get detained by some sky marshal…”
Not for the first time, Nate reflected on how narcissistic Nancy was. Everything revolved around her. But she was so cute, especially that butt! She thought that she didn’t need to put out much effort to know those around her because they’d always been so interested in getting to know her her whole life long.
They were just passing a nondescript door. Nate whipped out a pass-card and pushed it into the slot by the locked door handle. He pushed the heavy door open and escorted Nancy inside. They pulled their carry-on luggage behind them, careful not to get either wheeled bag caught in the door. But they got through, and the world they enter was an alternate universe from where they’d just been.
Instead of being crowded and noisy and stale and drab, this VIP lounge was quiet, it was bright and cheery. It was noticeably an air-conditioned setting cooler than for the general populace outside. It was also completely deserted.
Nancy realized her error, or rather the whole string of mistakes she’d made all morning long. She tried to cover it by quickly remarking, “Oh, this is nice!”
“It is,” Nate stated, “but you haven’t been! So, to answer your question, yes I am…”
“What’s that?”
“Going to spank you!”
He sat, pulled her up next to him. He reached up to her waist and began undoing her clothing. Nancy made that gesture that all submissives make at this tense and ominous moment, she let the hands by her sides slowly rise. It looked like she was a wild West gunslinger about to draw her six-guns, but it was really telegraphing that she was not going to fight, that she gave up. Nate unbuckled her belt, then unsnapped and unzipped her jeans. He pulled them down with a resolute yank, bringing her frilly panties down simultaneously, all the way to her ankles. He pulled her over his knee; she went willingly. It was what she really wanted, why she’d been such a big brat all day. She needed the affirmation that his spankings gave her, putting her in her place. She’d pushed his buttons purposefully; now it was his turn to push her most responsive one. She dipped her lower back, arching her ass out to her lover, practically pushing it into his face, asking him for what they both needed.
He looked at her bared butt on his lap like a delicious feast on a platter balanced on his knees. Such a perfect little ass, so tight and round and fair and firm and begging to be bounced about like a basketball and, in so doing, made just as ruddy! God, he thought, it was worth all the grief she put him through to be the one who got to spank such an adorable drum of an ass! He beat on it like a conga drum, that is to say hard, with abandon, in tune with the rhythm of life. He beat a veritable tattoo into her tush. Nate spanked Nancy’s bared heiny with his bare hand with all his might and for all she was worth. He set things right between them once more. He pushed her to her limits, and then pushed her further. Because it was so deserved, she did not resist. She took her lesson, but it made her kick involuntarily and yelp, then pound her fists and wail. The commotion made the service worker in the lounge emerge from a back room. At first he thought it was an old-school father taking his errant daughter to task. Upon closer inspection, he saw that it was a young man and a young woman. Was it their kink or was it some form of justice being administered. It turned out that it was both.
Nancy didn’t clarify matters when she piped-up, “Please Daddy, I’ve learned my lesson, let that be enough…!”
Nate stopped spanking and started rubbing with that strict right hand, clearly enchanted by how warm and red her buttocks had become. The lounge attendant got an eyeful of all of Nancy’s charms as her man pushed her buttocks apart, pushed them together again, circled her round rump, then did it all over again. Nancy whimpered and hiccupped, and slowly settled down. She’d gotten through it, but, damn, it’d been hell! The attendant decided that the couple were doing fine. He retreated back into the back room. Nancy sat on Nate’s lap. Her bottom throbbed, so she pushed it off and sat on her thighs, with her reddened tushy glowing in mid-air. She sensed Nate’s erection underneath her legs. She wondered whether she should pull it out through his fly, jerk him off, or let him fuck her… She looked at her watch. Drat, there wasn’t even time for a quickie!
“We ought to get in line, they’ll be calling for us to board…” she sniffed. With tears shimmering on her long eyelashes, a blush in her cheeks, and a sincerely loving gaze in her baby blue eyes, Nate thought that she’d never looked so beautiful. It pulled at his heartstrings.
“I love you, Nancy Jane Collinswood!” he pronounced loudly as he pulled her to her feet, pulled her pants back up, and let her put herself in order. In a moment they were pulling their baggage back through the VIP door and getting through the last check-in.
In a completely transformed tone of voice, Nancy whispered to Nate, as she gingerly sat on her warm bottom. “Would you like to ask for a blanket and a couple of pillows from the stewardess?”
Like Hermione Granger when she’d been asked an academic question, Nate’s hand shot up into the air to push the call-button. No sooner did they get what they wanted than Nancy was squirming to pull her pants down once more. This time undercover she arched her back to feel her lover spoon her, caress and pinch and part her heated cheeks. Before the “fasten seatbelts” sign clicked off, Nate was pushing his way into Nancy’s aroused pussy, with her naked need pulling him into her with the suction of a vacuum clicked on “high.”
“Mile high club, here we come…” he growled in her ear.
“Yes,” she sighed, “cum…”

(As a wordsmith, I had fun playing around with the words “give” and “take” in my previous post [#412], so I continued that here with “push” and “pull”. Enjoy!)

2 responses to “#416) The Push and Pull to Get Through”

  1. I quickly became aware of the push and pull theme. It was consistent and I liked that
    I loved her surrender to her well deserved punishment. Though the pain was almost at her limit she never resited or interfered with his ministra

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ministrations. Even when someone was watching she kept her cool and played it off in a cute way.
    This was an important step in their relationship.
    I loved the story
    Thank you for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

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