#417) Air Travel

I took a plane trip a few months ago, and Robert tells me that he wants to take a little vacay with me when he returns and before the school year starts. All of this got me thinking about stewardesses, what a difficult job they have to do. In normal times, they are glorified waitresses, but also must be safety officers and public relations experts. That’s only gotten more demanding with the societal stresses of Covid-19, etc. I believe that there used to be rules about age; the airlines wanted younger personnel for this job, but had to loosen that restriction with laws against ageism and the demand for a fully-staffed work force.

Of course, here I’d like to deal with the sexual aspect to this job. Do they have boyfriends in all the cities where they have lay-overs? (That term, “lay-over”, suggests that they do…) Do they have sexual relationships with the pilots or male stewards (many of whom strike me as gay)? Do they do it with the passengers? On my last trip on Delta Airlines, there was a lovely stewardess named Princess based out of Chicago. I complimented her on her name, said that it was fitting for her, and it seemed to me like she was flirting back. My mind jumped to fantasizing about seducing her (which is why I remember her name, etc.). I know that there is a hierarchy among this staff, a senior officer on each flight, who, I imagine, as subordinate to the pilots.

I want to believe that it was within the realm of possibility for Princess to ask me to wait as all the other passengers deboarded. I dream of her hiking her tight skirt up and bending over the service cart when we are finally alone.

“I got a vibe from you, was I right?” she’d ask, looking back at me over her shoulder, as I feasted my eyes on her freshly-revealed backside.

“Oh, you were right, Princess! You were so right…”

I want to believe that there are all kinds of spanky-games being played to spice up this monotonous job.

Readers, in your travels have you had similar fantasies, or actual experiences along these lines? Do tell…

5 responses to “#417) Air Travel”

  1. I am married to a woman who was a stewardess when we met. From my wife I know that between stewardesses and pilots is fucked incredibly much. But also other people during the many hotel nights are taken with pleasure. So Jean-Marie, you have good chances.

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  2. Not on the topic, but still funny.

    On a flight from DC to Kansas years ago with a guy who often took the flight. He was a pilot and married to an ex-stew so he knew a lot of the Stews. Not many on the flight so they came back and talked. Lots of fun.

    One of them related a flight where the pilot came in for the landing, was a ‘tad off’ and landed HARD!! Not once but twice! HARD! We’re talking some overhead-bins-opened kind of hard.

    Passenger scared and pissed. On exiting the Captain kept the door to the cockpit closed so the passengers knocked on the door and yelled, “Hey great landing! Learn to fly!”.etc., etc.

    When all passengers had left, the chief Stew told them they could come out. When they did laughter everywhere!

    Three of the female stews had pulled their panty hose all the way down to their ankles, stood there and asked the pilots, “Now, about that landing…”

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    • Love this story, A.J. I heard that ex-Navy pilots are famous for hard and fast landings & take-offs due to previous experience on aircraft carriers.
      Thanks for sharing!
      Jean Marie


  3. I don’t fly butt I loved the fantasy. You have great talent for allowing your readers to “see” what is happening and I very much enjoy that!
    Thank you for sharing!

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