#419) Sock Signals (Continuation of “Few Words”)

Wren was best friends with Evelyn, and worked with her in the same department at University of California at Santa Barbara. They shared abundant affection, showed true caring for one another. But, like many female friendships, it also contained negative emotions. Wren envied Evelyn’s cool demeanor, she never seemed to get ruffled. She envied her cultured manners, having grown up in England and traveled the continent before emigrating here. Wren envied Evelyn’s kinky relationship with Josh, who worked in a neighboring research department at the university. And Evelyn envied Wren’s voluptuous figure, especially her round, callipygous bottom.
Being besties, they’ve shared these negatives with each other, they’ve laughed about them. Evelyn had a figure that most women desired, she was model-slender, like something out of a fashion magazine. And here she was, expressing her preference for a big phat ass. Conversely, Wren stated openly to her friend’s face that she wishes her relationship with Tom was more like the one Evelyn shared with Josh, when the former coupling was based on kink, just like the latter one, and up until recently, Evelyn and Josh’s partnership had not been too strong.
Wren asked to be kept in the loop as soon as Evelyn told her that she accepted a dinner date with Josh. Initially, things went just so-so, Evelyn said that there was chemistry, but that things weren’t sizzling hot. Wren didn’t want to pry and ask for details; Evelyn probably wouldn’t have said much anyway, being who she was. But then, a couple weeks in, Evelyn came back from her weekend seeming to float on air. Wren inquired if it was because of romance, and Evelyn said that she’d rather show her about it than try to tell her, and asked Wren to come over for dinner than Monday evening.
“Well…?” Wren asked as soon as glasses of red wine were poured and the main course was in the oven.
“Come with me,” Evelyn smiled, leading Wren to her bedroom. “We role-played… Josh did just as I asked… he tried me to that…” She stretched out her hand to where the make-shift bench still stood.
“That bench is…amazing! Did he punish you across it? What with..?” Wren asked, enthralled. Evelyn turned, raised her short skirt slowly, like a curtain going up in the theater. “Oh, my!” Wren whispered, mesmerized. “…Josh caned you…?”
“Like nothing I’ve ever experienced before… like something out of a dream… It was my dream, fully realized… The caning made me so high… intercourse afterward was… beyond words. Then this morning, when just moving my bottom, putting Arnica cream on it was painful, he spanked me…! Did you notice that I couldn’t sit at work all day?”
Wren dropped to her knees, touched Evelyn’s striped bottom delicately, as if reading in Braille all the agony and ecstasy imbued there. After moments of worship-like silence, she uttered, “God, I wish my Tom would role-play with me! How did you get Josh to get into it? You said he was a spanko, not a cruel sadist…”
“I was just real clear on what I wanted, what I needed. I had him use as few words as possible… it was hot, he was great…!”
“I’m green with envy! You’ll be marked for a week!” Wren got to her feet, clearly impressed, clearly more than a little aroused.
“Do you want to borrow the bench and a cane or two?” Evelyn offered.
“We won’t need it again until I’ve healed, not for another week or more.” She remembered her deal with Josh, but didn’t want to say too much more about her private relationship. She already felt as though she’d said too much, but Wren was a friend, a friend in need.
“Think it’ll fit in the back of my SUV?”
“With the seats down, it will. Let’s load it before we have dinner…”
Late that night, Wren dragged the bench by one end into her apartment, then to her bedroom. All day Tuesday, she and Evelyn exchanged knowing looks and potent smiles, then, at the end of the workday, within the overhearing ears of her brunette slender friend, the auburn-tressed, voluptuous researcher phoned her boyfriend.
“Hi Tom, wanna come over tonight? …Good! See you then.”
“Good luck!” Evelyn offered.
“I don’t want dumb luck to have anything to do with it. I hope to play it smart, and to be smarting tomorrow when we see each other tomorrow morning…”
When Wren answered her front door at six thirty, Tom’s first words were, “What’s that incredible aroma?”
“A French provincial meal of ratatouille, simple but wholesome. As you enjoy it, think what it’d cost you in a nice restaurant. I want you to feel like you owe me…”
Wren fed Tom a home-cooked meal, knowing that the quickest way to a man’s hard cock was also via his stomach. She was too nervous to eat much. When dessert of Crepe Suzette was done, she led him by the hand to her boudoir.
“It’s a punishment bench,” she said, gesturing like a younger Vanna White on “Wheel of Fortune.” The boyfriend of my best friend built it for them. She said it worked great. I’d like for us to give it a spin!”
Slow on the uptake, Tom repeated, “You want me to restrain you over this punishment bench…?”
Enthusiastically, Wren answered, “I want us to put the B back in BDSM! I want to feel powerless as you punish me, punish me hard for a change!” She took Tom by both hands and looked him straight in the eye. “Tom, we’re in a sexual rut! What we do, even though it’s kinky, has gotten routine, gotten boring! I want more, I need more. If you love me, if you feel you owe me,” and she gestured with a nod of her head towards the dinner table, “you’ll experiment with me… Okay?”
She didn’t want to set them up for failure, so didn’t even suggest any role-playing. Wren just Topped from the bottom by giving explicit instructions. She guided Tom in how to tie her up over the bench.
“Let’s start with a sound spanking! Give it to me harder than you’ve ever punished me before, lover!”
Tom was an ass man. He loved Wren’s perfectly round backside. He enjoyed spanking it. It was now presented provocatively over the bench’s bolster. It hurt him to hurt her, to bruise that wonderous creation with too hard a spanking, however. Or so he’d always thought. He started swatting her as he always had, with moderate spanks at a moderate pace for a moderate length of time, until she was warmed and glowing.
But Wren was hot about this issue! “Really spank me! Give it to me good, God damn it! I need more, Tom!” she admonished. “That’s more like it!” she enthused when he finally started smacking her with feeling, inspired by getting yelled at. “Spank me just like that for ten minutes straight! Look at the clock. It’s nine o five. Please spank me hard and fast until nine fifteen. Go!”
Wren put her head down and reveled in the first memorable spanking she’d felt in a long time. Tom watched her beautiful butt bounce, and alternately watched the clock. When time was up, the bottom before him was practically smoking, uniformly red and fiery, and the woman attached to that ass was hot, too.
“That was SO good, Tom! Thank you! Look at my bottom, it’s radiant, it’s on fire! Part my thighs…” Tom obeyed, and saw that his girlfriend was extremely aroused. “Please take me higher, Tom; give me several stripes with the cane…”
He picked up the nearby rod, tapped her red rump with it. Then, taking aim that perfectly bisected her deep ass crack with the perpendicular rod, he gave her a lick.
Wren gasped, yelped, she strained at her bonds as her buttocks contracted and contorted. Tom felt dreadful, at least until he heard from Wren.
“That was fucking incredible! It hurt so fucking much! Thank you, lover! How about one more…?” Given all this, Tom did it all over again, got twice the reaction. When she could speak, Wren said, “Now part my thighs again…” She was even more wet, more swollen, more aroused. “Fuck me while I’m tied-up! Fuck me like you want to… You used to ask for butt sex all the time, but don’t anymore. Is that because I’ve turned it down too often? Do you want to fuck me that way tonight…?”
Tom straddled Wren’s supine form. He slipped his erection into her eager pussy. They both moaned and fell into a synchronous rhythm. As he fucked, Tom parted her butt cheeks and anointed her rectum with lube. He heard Wren’s breathing and crying and knew that she was close. He hammered into her and set her to soaring through a cataclysmic climax. As it crescendo-ed, he pulled out of her vag and pushed his manhood up her ass. God, he loved fucking her here! So tight an anus, so cheeky a butt! He loved massaging and manhandling her buttocks, parting her wide to jackhammer into her, pressing her cheeks tight together and spearing her fleshiness. It was too much.
“I’m gonna cum!” he announced.
“Yes! Cum with me!” she seconded.
They did. And fainted into one another, two sweaty bodies locked to the bench, locked into each other, locked back into seeing things from the same perspective.
As he undid her from the restraints, Tom asked, “Mind if I sleep over?”
“I be disappointed if you didn’t,” she smiled and kissed him.
Later in bed, he offered, “I’m sorry if our love-life got… a little staid…”
“I think that’s a thing of the past,” she confided. “We just have to keep communicating, verbally, nonverbally, with your hand across my butt, with your cock inside me…”
At breakfast the next morning, Wren wore nothing but a pair of scarlet red knee-socks. Tom expressed his approval of her attire by coming up behind her as she cooked scrambled eggs on the stove; his erection aligned up the crack of her ass.
“My! You woke up energetic and happy!” she remarked.
“You made me that way. Last night was wonderful!”
“It was hot, wasn’t it! Like we were talking about last night, I got an idea to help our communication… My red socks signify that I want another red bottom! After breakfast, would you spank me again?”
“Gladly,” Tom replied. “Do you want to be bound to that bench again?”
“I’d love it, but don’t think we have time! Particularly if you want to save a little time for a quickie afterward,” she smiled. Tom pressed his raging hard-on deeper up her rear’s divide. “But not back there, not so soon after last night… But maybe tonight… If you want…”
Tom couldn’t wait, he spanked Wren soundly while they both ate their eggs and drank their coffee right in the breakfast nook, then they fucked across the table. They showered together, inspiring more fuckery-play.
During it, Tom asked, “When do you have to return that punishment bench to your friend?”
“She said she wouldn’t need it back right away. We can use it tonight…”
“I’d like that!” he returned. Wren saw that he really like the idea; he was hard again.
She grasped it in her soap hands and jacked him slowly, “Know what I’d like? Less spanking and more caning… okay?”
“I think we can arrange that.”
“Want to know something else, a secret?” she asked mischievously. After his nod (and his moan from what she was doing to his cock), Wren continued. “It belongs to my friend Evelyn. You know, from work…” Tom’s face lit up with recognition. “You should see her ass! Her boyfriend gave her the most incredible caning! I was so envious when I saw it…”
“You saw your girlfriend’s bare caned ass? And you were envious…?”
“…She’s my best friend… and a sub, so we compare notes on our love-life… so, yes. And yes, I was envious, I’d like my limits pushed sometimes… I felt that we made great strides toward that last night! …So save this hard-on and your energy for tonight,” Wren smiled, giving it a loving pat and getting out of the shower, “let’s give her something to talk about tomorrow…”
At the university, Wren saw Evelyn in the restroom.
“So how’d it go last night?” Evelyn gossiped.
“Great! I felt we took baby steps in the right direction. Ask me tomorrow, I might have more to brag about…” Wren blushed.
“Come on, I showed you mine, turn-about is only fair..”
So in the handicapped stall, Wren flipped up her skirt and pulled her panties down, displaying the two bright stripes that blazed there, reinvigorated by this morning’s spanking.
“I hope it’s okay to hold onto the bench for another day or so…” Wren said as she redressed.
“Not a problem. But I hope you can’t return my two canes…” Evelyn smiled, standing up and exiting the stall. Wren looked puzzled. “I hope your lover breaks them across your backside…” and they both giggled like schoolgirls addicted to being sent to their headmistress’ office.
Throughout the day, Evelyn did notice that, even though Wren’s tush was not heavily striped, she did assiduously avoid sitting all day long. She wondered, but didn’t inquire. Wren rushed off right at five, picking up a piping hot pizza on her drive home. There, she put the box in a warmed oven, rushed upstairs to give herself an enema and quick shower. She was just dressing in a plaid blouse and knee-socks when Tom rang the doorbell. She answered the door that way.
Tom could only beam unabashedly. “How’s your bottom?” He turned her, knelt, kissed her ass cheeks reverentially.
“Ready for more…” Wren panted. She led him by the hand to the kitchen, got the pizza box and two plates, and proceeded upstairs.
As he was affixing her ankles in the punishment bench, Tom remarked, “You’re wearing striped socks. Are you trying to tell me something…?”
“Yes, sir,” she answered, offering her wrists up to be bound. “I’m in the mood for stripes, lots and lots of stripes…”

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  1. “Really spank me! Give it to me good, God damn it! I need more, Tom! …Spank me just like that for ten minutes straight! Look at the clock. It’s nine o five. Please spank me hard and fast until nine fifteen. Go!”

    …When time was up, the bottom before him was practically smoking.”

    And Tom’s hand hurt like hell! For experience, I know.

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  2. Your stories are quite arousing !
    I know that “from” experience and I want to administer “punishment like that” for” experience!
    Thanx AJ!
    Thank you Jean Marie for the post. It was great as usual!

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