#420) As of This Minute

I told you that I’d update you on things as soon as I know, so here it comes…

Robert is coming home tonight! He also just informed me that he really wants to take me away on a short vacation trip, which we’ll need to sandwich-in fast. I’m leaving with him tomorrow (I haven’t been told the surprise destination yet) and will be gone a week. Soon after I return, I’ll start back to work with my school district in a new (non-teaching) job. So everything feels fluid right now.

Speaking of fluids… I am beyond excited right now! I’ve been without my lover for far too long. Robert asked that I not spank myself, so that my bottom would be unmarked upon his return, and I’ve followed that request. But he didn’t say anything about jilling-off…

I’ve been very good by working-out regularly recently, really working up a sweat. As soon as I come inside from my jog/brisk walk around the neighborhood daily, I take off my work-out togs to do my Pilates, yoga, and free weights regimen in the nude. I like my body when its sweaty; I like my smells! (Do you know the story of Napoleon? When he was returning from battle, he wrote to Josephine to say “Am three days away from your arms. Don’t bathe.” He liked her smells. I find that so sexy!)

After stretching and exercising external muscles, I get busy on some internal ones. I’ve been very naughty with regular masturbation sessions lately in my lover’s absence. I think about his voice, how it thrills me when he gives me orders. I think about his broad shoulders and strong arms, his large hands…

Do other female subs out there have a thing for masculine arms and hands? Sinewy muscles, ropes of veins, hair coated, these mental images of my man get me very aroused.

I’ve been without him too long. My body has a mind of its own, dictated by deep desires. I let my mind go to the secret vault where I keep my inner-most fantasies, how well he’s spanked me with those hands, with our implements, how well he’s pleasured me with his fingers, his talented tongue, his erect manhood. I have cloud-bursts of climaxes, identical to the rains we’ve experienced recently, sudden, intense to the point of torrential, drenching orgasms.

They just keep building! Series of serious orgasms getting stronger all the time. They say the human body is 98% water and I now believe it. I’m in an undertow, carried out way too deep, my body is exhausted. I’m submerged, disoriented and then drowning, without oxygen, dying, in a vast ocean of orgasms.

It becomes comical how much I cum! I cannot wait for my lover to return to me, to possess me as his.

My mind shifts in its delirious state. I dream about going to the airport to meet him in half a day. I long to see him ride that long escalator down to me in the baggage claim area. My long wait is almost over. So long for now, dear readers!

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