#421) Icing on the Cake

All is right in my world. Robert is back in my arms. To have him in my life is so nurturing, so substantial, so fulfilling. He’s like carrot cake; so delicious it feels decadent, so nutritiously good for me (with the slivered carrots, raisins, and walnuts). To have him want to sweep me away and take me on a vacation is pure sweetness, icing on that cake.

I actually thought about buying a can of frosting and smearing it on my nakedness for him to lick off as a homecoming surprise. I decided not to do so. We’re both trying to eat more healthfully, get into better shape, so don’t need the pure sugar. (I’ll tell you what I did do in a fictionalized story when I get back.)

Anyway, IF I did ice my goodies, I wouldn’t spread it on my boobies and pussy. It’d have to be slathered all over my butt!

For whatever reason, this made me wonder, is sexual congress the substance and spanking the icing, or vice versa? It used to be that way in my life, but at my age, for where I’m at in this moment, I truly think that spanking is the substance in my sex life, and the intercourse is the sweet icing. I could live without an erect cock penetrating me (as long as fingers and tongues could get involved while I was getting spanked), but I could not live without spanking in my life. I could not live a vanilla life of just sex with no spanky-play. Think about it. How about you? If you HAD TO choose, which would it be? (Fortunately, it’s just a hypothetical, we DON’T have to choose. We can have both!

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