#423) We’re Home!

Last night we returned from New York (that was the hint in the featured photo in post #422. I loved your joke about the moon, Tipacanoe!). We went to NYC for several days of theater, shopping, and fine dining, then drove up to Saratoga Springs (which is pictured above). There is an excellent thoroughbred horse race meet there in the summer, as well as a big museum devoted to horse racing history.

I loved everything about the vacation, especially falling ever deeper in love with Robert! Our hotel room was a bit nicer than the one pictured at left, but my feelings of elation are well-captured here. I’m in free-fall!

I loved feeling spoiled by room service! (I confess that I wracked up some huge bills indulging my desires and appetites.)

(There is much more that I could confess, but I think you can imagine. Suffice it to say that I indulged ALL my desires and appetites.)

And now we’re home, and I need to rush to set up my office to be ready for the start of school immediately. I missed talking to you! I’ll post again soon!

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