#424) Some Things That Need Saying

I love to read good writing. I love to write. Something happened while I was away that I need to comment upon, something that is directly related to my aforementioned loves.

I’ve skimmed Salman Rushdie’s writings. They aren’t my cup of tea, so I haven’t read any of his works in my precious little free time. I support freedom of religion. One of the tenets of the Islamic faith is not to portray their prophet Mohammed. But here in America, Rushdie can write what he wants, and Muslims don’t have to read it. When he wrote Satanic Verses, a death sentence was put on his head. That was decades ago, but just days ago, someone tried to kill Rushdie, stabbing him twelve times. I hope that this pisses you off as much as it does me. It’s an attack on thinking, on reading, on writing. To quote from the great movie, “The Big Lebowski,” “This aggression cannot stand!” This is important because there is a generalized attack on this type of thing, on the specific rule of law right now. It is directly analogous to other human rights. You can believe what you want, but your beliefs cannot impinge upon my expressing my beliefs.

THIS is fundamental (which was the slogan for a TV show from long ago, “Reading Rainbow”). It seems that some people think their opinions are just as valid as scientific research, as facts, and that has to be brought out and attacked as erroneous.

I prefer reading books, not Kindles, not iPhones, actual books. And, like when I write, I prefer reading books in the nude.

I used to love reading newspapers (in the same state of undress). Now, most newspapers have dwindled down to thin, inconsequential rags. I’ve been known to buy the Sunday issue of the New York Times just to have something substantial to read.

I subscribe to a plethora of magazines. This feeds my hunger. It also assures that there will be something in my mailbox regularly. (I do NOT recommend reading while on the toilet, however. Hang-out there only as long as necessary to get the job done; be kind to your butt hole! It has other, more entertaining functions, and sitting, especially there, is the new smoking.)

This sexual suggestiveness leads me back to what content to read. You all know me by now, I tend toward the erotic. Stimulate my mind, but don’t ignore my naughty parts.

You also know that WordPress won’t let me publish graphic photos. So close your eyes and let your mind’s eye imagine what I’d like to post here, a pretty woman, either nude or with clothing disheveled, one hand holding a good, raunchy book, the other hand exploring her sex, answering the questions that the erotica is posing…

2 responses to “#424) Some Things That Need Saying”

  1. I saw that on the news when the attack happened and it outraged me. Glad to hear he is expected to recover. It is a lot like comments on social media, if it is something you disagree with just keep scrolling. I love having my nose in a book, both real and eBook.
    It irks me that of late there has been a resurgence of book banning.

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  2. I considered (briefly) buying the Sunday edition of the N Y Times.
    However after deep and serious consideration I decided that spending the extra money would not be particularly rewarding.
    The deciding factor was this:
    The Times doesn’t have near the hot pictures Butt Stuff has!
    Therefore I will continue reading Butt Stuff as much as possible and make good use of the pics as well
    Thanx for the thought provoking words and oh yeah….the pics!

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