#428) And the Survey Says…

Bonnie featured this survey on her wonderful blog, “My Bottom Smarts.” I have eighteen things I should be doing, but I’m being naughty and answering this instead. Everybody should answer it and post it for all to see!

  1. When did you receive your first over the knee spanking? – In college. I’ve written about it. The fact that it was as phenomenal as I imagined changed the trajectory of my life!
  2. Do you prefer a funishment spanking or a discipline spanking? – Funishment, DEFINITELY! But I don’t always get to choose.
  3. Do you have any favorite spanking rituals? – So many rituals, too many to list, more all the time.
  4. What is the weirdest place you’ve been spanked? – My classroom, a private box at the opera, the Big Cat house in the San Francisco zoo, my parents’ bedroom in the house where I grew up… I no longer know what “weird” is.
  5. What is your favorite spanking position? – OTK on the bed with both of us naked, so we can segue to other stuff right afterward.
  6. Do you like to be the spankee or disciplinarian? – I entertain fantasies about spanking another woman, but in my heart, I’m a sub, I love being the spankee.
  7. Have you ever had a one-off spanking? – No. When in a relationship, I’ve been entirely faithful.
  8. Would you like a spanking in a domestic scenario, school scenario, or outdoors? – YES, PLEASE!
  9. Have you ever been spanked in a public place? – Yes, see #4, which is not an exhaustive list, sometimes just a few spanks, often a full-blown, pants down blistering.
  10. Have you ever been caught in the act of spanking? – I don’t think so, no one ever complained, but can’t be sure.
  11. Describe your favorite panties – I have a nice collection of expensive lingerie, but my favorites are plain, inexpensive, cotton, full-seat panties that can be ripped down forcefully.
  12. How often do you get spanked? – Recently several delicious times a day!
  13. Is there anyone you’d like to spank you? – My lover/Top/significant other, Robert.
  14. Do you prefer giving or receiving spankings? – See #6.
  15. What is the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you during a spanking? – Bonnie answered, “It’s all a bit embarrassing, isn’t it?” I can’t improve upon that eloquent profundity. That’s part of why I love it!
  16. Name a song you’d listen to during a spanking? – I prefer no soundtrack, just our noises, so I’m not distracted from the experience.
  17. Name a song you’d listen to after a spanking? – I love “Layla” by Clapton, “Knights in White Satin” by the Moody Blues, ALL Beatles, clearly into the classics…
  18. Are you into dressing up for spanking? – YES, especially the schoolgirl outfit. LOVE role-play, but nakey is fun, too!
  19. Would you prefer spanking in the bath or spanking in the shower? – Both have their interesting features; why choose? One after the other, over and over again…
  20. If you could be spanked by anyone right now, who would it be? – Am SO PLEASED to be in love right now, so out of all the movie stars and athletes, I want my man, Robert, to be doing the honors.
  21. Have you ever participated in group roleplay? If not, would you? – Nope, just one-on-one. It could be fun to have a whole class of girls playing as errant students answering to the harsh teacher…
  22. Do you use spanking implements? – Oh, yes!
  23. Have you ever self-spanked? – Yes, unfortunately a lot (because of my addiction), but hopefully, never again.
  24. Would you spank your best friend? – I’ve fantasized about it a great deal.
  25. Is there anything you do after a spanking? – Rarely have to stand in the corner, often get busy with make-up sex.
  26. What is something that will never fail to get you in the mood? – That stern look, that commanding but soft voice, rolling-up the right shirtsleeve, which could get me started on all kinds of rituals, so I’ll stop there.
  27. Do you prefer early morning spankings or late night spankings? – As long as there is sufficient time, I prefer them ALL! Cannot choose! Give it to me morning, noon, night, bedtime, if we both wake-up in the middle of the night…
  28. What is your favorite part of the body? – On my body, the impossible to ignore round bottom. On his body, his hand. Put them both together and you have HEAVEN!
  29. Do you read spanking erotica? – Too busy writing my own.
  30. Do you watch spanking videos? – Yes, together in bed, and critique them for positives and negatives. We also look at girlie nudie magazines together in bed, and critique, which can lead to frolicsome behaviors…

Copy, paste, backspace my answers out & provide your own, please. Then tell us what you’ve done, so we can all have a look.

6 responses to “#428) And the Survey Says…”

  1. Jean Marie, you agreed with Bonnie in your answer to Q15. So did I but I’ve written a comment on MBS which you might find interesting!
    Btw I love your answers and indeed your blog of course.
    Sophie x

    Liked by 1 person

    • SO NICE to hear from you, Sophie! I LOVE what you commented on MBS to this. I honestly could have written long paragraphs to each of these questions, but edited myself. Part of the embarrassment is the OTK position itself. I love it and I feel so humiliated when made to assume it, all at the same time! Another part concerns the fact that my lover makes a big deal of parting me, inspecting my rosebud, even touching me there at times. I feel so exposed! I truly feel like I belong to him at that moment, that my whole body, but especially my cheeks and my private orifices, are his to do with as he wishes. I’m getting so turned-on as I write this! And I realize that I’ve used about ten exclamation points to state my truth!
      Please keep reading here AND keep commenting, Sophie! When I started this blog, I envisioned having meaningful conversations with fellow female subs. As we all know, I mostly get males expressing their fantasies of spanking ME through my writing, which is fine. I own the sentiment of being the provocateur, but I LOVE girl-talk colloquy, like yours and mine, just as much. Thank you!


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