#431) I Aim to Please My Top; You Aim, Too, Please!

On his excellent blog, Spanked Hortic II, Prefectdt posted a photo of a lovely submissive restrained to a whipping post, her backside showing evidence of a thorough thrashing. I commented that I loved everything about the photo except the fact that many of the lashes had wrapped around the poor girl’s buttocks all the way to her hip bones. Prefectdt replied in agreement with me. For the umpteenth time, I felt fulfilled by the connections we can make with one another through open communication. (I also know that Bonnie has a tutorial on this topic on My Bottom Smarts.)

Like Prefectdt, I’m seeing more and more photos like this, ones documenting poor form on the part of the Dom.

First, let me state that I’ve had the bottom portion of my backside struck, and ended up bruised both there and above that lower portion, way up high above each cheek. It can be like a wave reaction across the buttocks. I’m not talking about that phenomenon.

That may be what happened to this enthusiastic young lady featured in the video clip to the left.

I AM talking about what is pictured here! This sub has about five stripes above her ass crack; that’s just wrong!

If you, as the Top, are not practiced in the use of a particular implement, don’t use it in a session until you are adept!

While I’m on my soapbox, as a big bottomed girl, let me make one more point. Just because your sub has a big target area does NOT mean that you HAVE TO cover every square inch of her roundness! A spanking at the summit of each cheek, the sit spots, is best. Spanking lower, where the butt meets the thigh can be very effective. Smacks across the crack, so that it’s felt down into the crevice, into the privates, can be punishing and proven to be quite convincing.

I look upon bruises as a portrait painted in living flesh upon my soul. I absolutely love to have my bottom marked by my lover as his territory. But that bespeaks the trust I invest in him to aim carefully, to paint that picture inside the lines.

Thank you for listening to this TED talk!

7 responses to “#431) I Aim to Please My Top; You Aim, Too, Please!”

  1. Thank you, Jean Marie, for this reminder. I hate the wrap. And no, edge to edge is never good form.

    The young woman in the pink hoodie is a friend and former blogger named Keagen, She went to see Dallas to film a commercial video featuring extreme spanking. I will allow that the rules may be different in this scenario. But I sure wouldn’t want that.

    I’ve written about those bruises that appear in unexpected locations after a hard paddling. I think that the phenomenon is caused by compression waves and displacement of the underlying soft tissues.

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  2. I wonder, jeane marie, seeing as how you are blessed to receive frequent spankings daily, how do you allow bruises to heal?
    Does Robert pile bruises upon bruises? I wouldn’t think so.
    Please put my curious mind to rest.
    Thank you for sharing this post with us. I can always benefit from knowing more about spanking.

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    • Lots to say, paddlefan… Most of the spankings I receive aren’t “barn-burners.” I write about severe punishments, but I most enjoy warming, love-pats that accumulate in volume for what they lack in intensity. Second, I use a lot of Arnica cream and ice packs soon thereafter the session. But, yes, on occasion, I get bruises on top of bruises. Like most subs, the marks turn me on, so you won’t hear me complaining. I call my backside a universe because I’m sometimes multi-colored and vividly impressive.

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  3. I agree entirely, Jean Marie, that it’s very important to have very clear boundaries as to where spanks can be delivered.
    You mention spanking across the crack and how effective that can be and I know from experience how true that is! Such spanks can be felt in the farthest reaches of the crack and even in the private places.
    Thinking about the above reminds me that I read somewhere that a smack is only really a spank if it lands on both cheeks at the same time…in which case of course it has to land across the crack. I have had some spankings where every smack landed across my crack and on those occasions I felt that I really did have my bottom spanked as opposed to my cheeks…do you know what I mean?!
    Sophie x

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    • I do know exactly what you mean, Sophie! Spanks across the crack seem to zing right up my spine to my brain. At the same time, those spanks reverberate into my sexy parts and turn me on so terribly. I’ve been known to attack my lover right after a sound butt crack paddling, I’m so voracious for sex! Thanks for writing!

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  4. I have played with many, with limited or no experience and that has taught me that good Tops are created from experience and learning. No one is born perfect in the art. Communication, communication, communication! Talk to them and help them to learn. If they refuse to listen, walk away and never darken their door again.


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