#433) Reflecting on Traveling

Things are getting hectic here. It seems that summer is over, as much as I hate to see it go! So before the memories disappear in the rear view mirror (I just realized how much I like that label for something so mundane!), I want to remember and reflect on our recent travels to New York, especially that wonderful big city.

On our elevator ride up to our hotel room (as suggested in the above photo) with a gentlemanly old bellhop accompanying us with the heavily-laden luggage cart, Robert kissed me passionately. That set the tone. Every time we rode up or down, whether it was crowded or deserted or in-between, we made out in the elevator, a few times quite seriously, near scandalously.

Every piece of furniture in our nicely furnished room was perverted into some sort of sexual apparatus. The bed, of course, but that included the chairs, where I was made to sit ass backwards, so as to be spanked and fucked. And the dresser, and mini-fridge, and…

The vanity area between the bedroom and bathroom became a favorite place to frolic. I found out that I make some very strange faces (thanks to the big mirror) both when being punished and being pleasured.

And the bathroom was well utilized, getting clean, getting dirty doing disgusting, demeaning, delicious things, getting clean again, rinse and repeat. All those little bottles were so much fun to experiment with!

We signed-up for a dual muscle massage in our room, and when our bodies were manipulated into warm mush, we made slow, sensual, near somnolent, soporific sexual intercourse.

Finally, there was a balcony outside our high-rise room, which we used frequently, flashing people far below as we got frisky. Being near-naked is sometimes sexier than being nude. Being near-naked on a warm summer night doing the nasty is is SUPER sexy, wondering if we’ll be caught by anybody far below or quite close on either side of our room.

It was a sublime vacation, filled with memories of escapades and adventures, the remembrance of which warms me.

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