#434) “My Fingers Itch!” #1

Capulet says the above words to his daughter, Juliet, just after she says she doesn’t want to marry the guy Dad chose for her. She loves Romeo. What Capulet is saying is that he’d like to beat her; the way to stop the itch is to make them tingle from using them to slap with.
When I first read the play as a young teen, I wondered if this Dad might just spank Juliet. I knew that there was a spanking scene in “Taming of the Shrew,” so it was possible. I read it voraciously, was so disappointed that it ended in death instead of a good butt whipping. In my thirteen year old mind, it would’ve been a much better play if Capulet had spanked Juliet soundly, if Juliet had gone to Romeo for sympathy, but instead, Romeo gives Juliet another dose of disciplinary medicine for her own good. Dad sees Romeo spank Juliet, realizes that he has his daughter’s best interests at heart, overlooks their long-standing feud, and the play ends in an elaborate wedding joining the two households.
Now, if you want real Shakespearean scholarship, I highly recommend the book, Sex with Shakespeare by Jillian Keenan. You won’t find that here.
I’ve shared with you that I’ve long entertained fantasies about switching from my submissive orientation in order to dominate a submissive woman in the safety of my committed D/s relationship with my Top, Robert. When I come upon a photo on the Internet of a woman who sparks these fantasies, I’ll share it with you, dear readers, under this title.
I told Robert about these thoughts, and we immediately started goofing on established Shakespearean lines. For instance, Romeo has a famous scene when he sees Juliet on her balcony, where he wishes he were the glove upon her hand, so that he might touch her cheek. I think our version is better…
“See, how she sits her cheeks upon that bench! O, that I were a board of that same bench, that I might touch those cheeks!”
“Wouldst thou likest to acquaint my cheeks with a board, sir?” Juliet asks.
“I would indeed, repeatedly, vigorously, animatedly, fair miss!”
“…I see that this discourse has animated something else, something as stiff as that board, Romeo, my Romeo…”
“Forsooth, the thought of your fair cheeks under the stern task mastery of the board gives me wood, Juliet, my love!”
“Me thinks I wouldst prefer a kind caress or sweet kiss upon my cheeks, rather than the strict lesson from the board, my lord.”
“Perhaps, so young, fresh, and inexperienced a maid does not know what she most needs…”
“I’m not so inexperienced that I don’t know I prefer a playful spanking to a board beating! Dost thou possess an itchy hand that my smooth bottom could scratch to satisfaction?”
“You need only bare that smooth bottom to receive your answer, Juliet.”
“Of my gown, sir?” (and she raises the floor-length fabric to her waist) “And all these petticoats, my lord?” (ditto) “And my bloomers, Master Romeo?” (Juliet opens the rear of her drawers, exposing her ample rear) “My, your codpiece looks as though it might just burst at the seams!” (She reaches into it to release his straining manhood.) “Verily, I already have a daddy with a board, Romeo. I’m in need of a lover, an upright and erect citizen of the community with which to commune…”
And so on and so forth. Now, for the first installment of ladies’ photos that make my fingers itch…

There is no better excuse for a good, hard spanking than an attitude exhibited by a submissive. Her “flipping the bird” should entail her being flipped over a knee for a thorough bottom warming! Wipe that smile off of her face, make her beg to be able to replace her hand on/in her pussy, so as to be able to distract herself, to be able to handle the heat being imbued in her butt. She deserves a thrashing, she needs it; she makes my fingers itch to give it to her!

Somebody deserves a spanking for this photo. Do you see it? That’s an old-fashioned landline telephone, but it has no cord from the handheld receiver and the rotary-dial phone. What’s more, the model is holding the receiver upside down; it should have an opening at the bottom for the clip of that cord! As it is, she couldn’t hear from what’s being held to her ear, nor could she successfully talk into the part close to her mouth. She makes my fingers itch; spank her! Once you’ve warmed her ample bottom up with your hungry hand, use the flat side of that receiver to really make her squirm, scream, kick, and beg!

I’ll be posting more photos of women who make my fingers itch in the days to come. There are a hell of a lot of photos that need to be discussed.

3 responses to “#434) “My Fingers Itch!” #1”

  1. Shakespeare could have changed the course of literary history and maybe even the way men teach obedience to their wives of only he had been able to read your blog. Juliet would have had trouble sitting for awhile but she might have died an elderly but happily married wife to Romeo just because the Bard read Butt Stuff!
    Ahh to dream!

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    • I hope you know how often you bring me a giggle with your off-the-wall comments, paddlefan!
      I hope you know that this is what women mean when they say a sense of humor is the most attractive quality in a man!
      Thank you!
      Jean Marie

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  2. Oh Jean Marie I cannot tell you how often my fingers itch when I see or hear about women saying or doing the most outrageous or mind-blowingly stupid things! I love the two examples you have given already and look forward with huge anticipation to many more examples to come! And may I say that I am in awe of the photos you find to go with your writing!
    Sophie x

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