#435) “Look Me in the Eye, Young Lady!” #1

My Top will sometimes say the above command to me, particularly when I’m trying to wheedle my way out of a strict thrashing. My wheedling never works, the command serves to put the power dynamic into clear focus, just before I’m lectured, just before I’m put into some submissive and receptive posture and punished properly. My Top knows what Cicero first said long ago, “The eyes are the interpreters of the soul.”
I could go off on a tangent here, supporting my thesis with facts from the animal kingdom. It seems that both the gorilla and the kangaroo take it as a challenge when you look them directly in the eye. They demand by their glare that you be subservient, or they will get territorial, they will get testy, they will lash out. But I won’t get lost in all the zoological facts; suffice it to say that my Top is good at lashing out, too, with an actual lash…
Along with my other series (“My Fingers Itch!”), I’d like to feature some photos of ladies whose eyes are arresting for one reason or another. Look at the above photo, please. Her look says it all, she’s listening, she’s on his wavelength, her love is clearly evident, as is her submission. Her look turns me on, tremendously. Here are a few other examples:

I believe that this model is the same one that’s pictured in the following photo below, too. (Though she has a different haircut, one with bangs below.) Look at the mischief in her eyes here; she’s telling the world that her bottom needs spanking. She’s issuing a personal challenge to take her fishnet hose down to blister her cute butt!

Fortunately, her Dom got her message. Those same eyes are now drinking-in his message, that her “ass is grass and that he has the tools to cut it down to size.” I love his hand supporting her chin, directing her gaze into his. And he’s telegraphing that it’s no longer her turn to talk in the way his thumb is playing at her lower lip. I bet that lower lip is going to be trembling soon, and those luminous eyes are going to be tear-filled.

Last one (for today, many more to come in the future with this series) is a great shot of an adorable model with smiling eyes. She’s on a stroll in the park with her boyfriend. Said boyfriend has just informed this sub that he thinks it’s time for a maintenance spanking, just to keep things running smoothly in their relationship. So she stops, leans on a park bench, arches her ass out, and looks him in the eye. This look isn’t challenging or attitudinal; it screams devotion and submission. She’s not questioning his authority, the only question is whether, after warming her up sufficiently, he’ll take down or raise her skirt and panties to make sure her first maintenance spanking is memorable. I bet that those adoring eyes of hers maintain that quality throughout her public punishment, as well as later, in the privacy of her nearby apartment…

4 responses to “#435) “Look Me in the Eye, Young Lady!” #1”

    • Tsk, tsk, Sophie… From this (& the other comments you’ve made), I think you are flirting with me! (I’m reminded of the Dustin Hoffman character in the movie, “The Graduate,” such a classic, where he says, “I think you’re trying to seduce me…”) I let my thoughts run wild talking about the two Scottish lasses; I think I need to set my thoughts down and publish a separate post about the concept of Flirting. You’ve made me blush, not something easy to do! Much more to say about this…
      Warmly (hotly, ruddily),
      Jean Marie


  1. #3 is my favorite! There is reverence, attentiveness love, and submission there that melts my heart. Oh she will still end up bare bottomed over my lap but I will love her more while I spank her to tears. Does that make sense?
    # 4 is a brat daring him (or her )to spank her. Brats can be a turn off to me.
    #2 is focused and attentive but her eyes seem to be a subtle”please don’t spank me”. She is my second favorite though.
    #1 is very intriguing to me. She is attentive but not as reverent or submissive as # 3. Still there is something about her…
    Thanx again for a most excellent post!

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    • It is so interesting to me, paddlefan, to see how others interpret the photos I post! Personally, I don’t get any Brat vibes from the lass in #4 at all. I do know what you mean about brats being a turn-off, generally. I find this photo to be one of the sexiest ever, but that’s just me. Thanks for letting this content affect you, and then commenting!

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