#436) Flirting

I’m not used to this anymore… I used to think of myself as attractive back when I modeled professionally. (Some people thought this was modest; I merely discounted these compliments, thinking that they were daft.) I let my looks do all the work. Let me be clear, You can’t effectively flirt with innuendo and suggestive comments if you stutter. It just becomes painful. What is more, I’m no longer twenty. The intervening decade and more has been rough. As a wise man once said, “It ain’t the years, it’s the mileage.”

But today and recently, diverse people have been paying me lovely compliments, and it’s warped my mind. One of the best known spanking blogs featured this site for promotion the other day. I woke up to a funny comment from a flirtatious male commenting on a post. A dear older friend devoted a post on his blog to call me out and challenge me to (playfully) get graphic with him and his readers. Then, someone I don’t know well, someone I’m intrigued by, sent me a series of witty comments. Not just one, a series, each better than the last. So, it’s been hit after hit (like a whole spanking of sensual love-smacks), making me blush, making me hot. I don’t stutter when I write; some people even think I’m sort of eloquent. Age doesn’t seem to matter…

My lover comes home to find me standing buck naked in front of the computer. This isn’t unusual; I like to write in the nude. But the content IS unusual.

“Come read what some lovely people have written to/about me…” I say. He stands behind my behind, reading over my shoulder, breathing in my ear like a horse I used to love to ride did. It’s been this man’s job to keep me sexually sated since we met. He’s done his job VERY well. I was so well fucked while on vacation that I thought I’d lost all my creative juices, that being satisfied dried-up my well of writing abilities. These peoples’ compliments have made me wet. I could easily turn to him, kiss him, embrace him, and we’d be doing it, standing up, and on the furniture, then finishing on the floor. But I don’t want that at this moment. “Do you want to watch me masturbate…?” I whisper.

“I’d like that very much,” he returns and sits on an easy chair.

I don’t want to make this suggestive or polite or lady-like, for you my readers, or for my lover. I want you to be able to taste my heat, feel the gritty slickness of my desire, smell the scent of pure, unadulterated rawness. This is how I flirt back. Read my words like a travelogue, fuck with me vicariously.

I part my sex, find my clit erect and needy. I smear some of my viscous arousal all around it, let one finger diddle there while others plunge in and out of my pussy, petting it fiercely, making it purr.

With this engine warmed-up and revving while in park, I let my other hand seduce my senses further. It travels up my torso, tweaks my hard nipples, making them stiffen more, making them ache. The only remedy is to pinch them hard, twist them mercilessly. If I had big tits, I’d pull them to my mouth and bite them, but I have molehills here, not mountains. We all know what’s coming, the erogenous zone that has yet to be violated.

I squat. Diddle my left hand’s fingers in the pool that has amassed just inside my swollen labial lips, get them good and well-coated. With the heel of my hand, I part my buttocks. These are sculpted mountains, protecting the innocent, delicate, tight, pink rosebud that thrives deep in the valley between my cheeks. I touch it, circle it, rim it with my sex-wet fingertip. I smile at how sexy this tactile sensation makes me feel, how hungry, how nasty. I penetrate the tiny orifice, with every nerve ending springing to immediate life, enjoy the violation as I push that finger way up all the way to the knuckle. It’s just the right size to rape me lovingly back there. My butt hole sings to me sweetly, saying, “You don’t think of me as dirty and I love you for it. I’m just as sensual as your other openings, just another mouth to kiss with, be kissed.” I finger-fuck my anus, feel one set of fingers plunge into my sex and out, while this other one alternates, timing its turn to piston in and out of my rear. My motor is roaring, my tires squealing and smoking. I’m right-handed, I take this hand away from my sex, reach back high, slap my ass hard, enjoy the spreading warmth as I pet my pussy a bit more, then give my butt another good wallop. This shifts me into high gear.

It doesn’t take long. Maybe ten or twelve spanks, and I can’t hold off the orgasm any longer. It buckles my knees, I crumple to the floor, a puddle of pure lust, pure gratitude to those who’ve shown me so much love of late…

Disclaimer: I wrote this piece without touching my body at all, a sense memory exercise. It’s make-believe, based on a reality of long ago, when I was alone. My lover isn’t reading it over my shoulder; he isn’t home yet. Maybe when he does read it, he’ll want to punish me for being so… so… creative? Uninhibited? If he does, I’ll take his pain with glee, joyous that I can still write a true sentence.

8 responses to “#436) Flirting”

    • Thank you, Sophie! I felt naked writing that, not sexy nude, but rather stripped bare, exposed. I felt like I was confessing, “This is me, at my essence, at my core…” as I part myself, bend over deeply, let dear ones look at me, see who I truly am. It means so much to me that you didn’t turn away, condemning or disapproving, but rather responded in this way, letting me see more of you…

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  1. I have to go on an hour long trip to Austin.tod.ay in about thirty minutes for a Dr appt. Fortunately I ain’t driving.
    Your post is gonna paint pics in my head all the way there and back including the real pic you posted. Reading that post was incredible. The after effects are very real and ” uplifting”
    Thanx bunches for a delightful post!!

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  2. Dear Jean-Marie, sometimes you grow beyond yourself. This is so great, told and fantasized, that I must now take a cold shower. Or I put my hand on me right now.
    Thank you very much, and try to imagine now how you look at this story.

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  3. I have decided after reading many of your stories to start downloading JM Hall of Fame, for rereading for personal enjoyment when desperately needed. This tale is going in first, I only wish that I had done this months ago. Thanks for writing.

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    • I may have to come to you if mean old WordPress ever discontinues my blog! It’s funny how you seem to most enjoy some pieces that I think are just quick, off the top of my head writings! Thank you!


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