#437) My Fingers Itch! #2

This photo could be cross-listed under my series, “Look Me in the Eyes, Young Lady!” just as easily as here. Her eyes surely are captivating. Let me spin a story that this photo inspired, thereby telling you why I publish it as a “My Fingers Itch!” selection.
Julie, a submissive who has been married to the love of her life, Tom, her Top for half a year is troubled. Tom has had to work late, night after night, all this week, in fact. He’s had to leave again at dawn. Sometimes he’s come home so late that Julie is only able to communicate with him by note. She was going to scribble the same note she has four previous times, “Your dinner is warming in the oven. I miss you terribly and love you with all my heart! Love, Julie.” But it’s Friday night, she can stay up late.
Tom comes through their front door at eleven looking haggard. Julie is on her knees in the living room, wearing one of Tom’s favorite dresses, the chestnut brown one. Their eyes meet.
“Like I’ve said in my notes, your dinner is again in the oven, lover… But I’m hoping that you’re not so famished that we can ‘talk’ first…” Keeping her hazel eyes locked on her lover’s baby-blues, Julie starts to lift the hem of her dress. As soon as the back of her dress rests on her arched waist, she starts to lower her flower-covered panties. She lowers them slowly. “I’ve missed you so much, Tommy! I understand that you are new at the firm, must pay your dues… But our relationship is suffering! So I stayed-up to ‘greet’ you… If you want, you can eat while we talk, while we frolic… But I’m famished for your touch, your attention… Do you have the same hunger for me as I have for you?”
Dropping the briefcase and keys in his hands, Tom rushes to his bride’s side. “I’m so sorry, Jules! I know it’s not fair to you…”
“You don’t need to apologize, lover! I understand… I just needed to reconnect with you…”
He kneels beside her, they kiss. She senses his erection growing. He starts to get it out. When their lips part, with her eyes still drilling into his, she whispers imploringly, “Spank me first… I need your hand across my ass…!”
She lays across the coffee table, offering her bared butt out to him. He starts slowly, sensually, appreciating the trim firmness of her fanny, the complete surrender in her posture.
“Remember on our wedding night…” she continues, interrupted by his spanks and her moans, but needing to say this, “when you spanked me as you took off my white gown?” He nods, kisses her mouth, kisses her ass with a particularly smart smack. Julie whimpers, but the emotion glistening in her eyes isn’t from pain, it’s from longing. “We got off to such a good start… but now our marriage is floundering… we have to prioritize it every chance we get… Spank me hard, Tommy! Mark me as yours… make me ache for you…”
Tom reaches over and grabs a throw pillow from the couch, stuffs it under Julie’s hips at the edge of the coffee table, elevating her ass for the series of spanks he administers, elevating her split, ripe fig of a pussy that drips mouth-wateringly between her thighs. He can’t stand it’s beckoning fragrance and swollen allure any longer. He unzips and extracts his engorged erection, places it against her labia, and pushes.
“Oh, we fuck so good together!” she gasps.
“I’m sorry to have let things slide, honey!” he offers.
“Sshh, lover…! Just fuck me now…”
They rut like wild animals, with her growling and him cuffing her often. They climax simultaneously, just as full of sound and fury. They laid together on their knees over the table joined at the sex, their breathing slowly quieting.
“Do you need to go in to work this weekend?” she asks softly.
“No.” He says this definitively, as if making an oath for the future.
“Will you spank me and fuck me all weekend long, lover?”
Tom leans up. “I think you might be bruised,” she said appraisingly, looking at her bright bottom, “are you sure…?”
Julie spins around, sits on the pillow on the coffee table, takes Tom’s face in her hands to convey her earnestness, and says, ‘Spank me so that I’m sure to be bruised, bruises that will burn on my butt all week! Promise me? If you’ll spank and fuck me so hard every weekend that I can’t forget it for days, I think we’ll make it… Otherwise, I’m not so sure…” This time her eyes tear-up with pure pain. And then she blinks it away. “Can I get you your dinner plate?” On her way to the kitchen, she pulled her dress off over her head. But she leaves the flowered panties on, right where they were, around her upper thighs, to catch any leaking cum.
Feeling like a male lion, conqueror of all he surveyed, his pride of one, his mate serves him food. The plate was so hot, she kept the oven mitts on and held it in place on the coffee table as he ate. No sooner was he finished than he grabs Julie, puts her on that table, this time with her ass on that pillow while he ate her pussy. He was ready to pull her up and impale her on his reinvigorated rigidity when she stopped him.
“Spank me more…” she implores. “I love it! I need it! I want to be marked as yours… Vividly! Do you need an excuse; do you need to be mad at me in order to spank me hard?”
“You look sexy as fuck dressed only in lowered underwear and oven mitts!”
“Since you like it, I’ll wear this and only this all weekend,” Julie replied as she re-assumed the over the knee position she loved so much, wiggling her reddened rump in Tom’s face to egg him on. D/s had been an important part of their attraction to one another. This episode reminded them both that it was too important to get relegated to a back-burner on the stove of life. “Spank me! Spank me as though our lives depended on it!” she exhorted her man, knowing that their sex life together did. Re-invigorated, Tom did just that. It was as though his right hand had a mind of its own, needed to spank her adorable bottom, existed mainly to keep her ass red and hot and his! From that night on, his hand itched if he hadn’t used it on her on a frequent and regular basis. The young lawyer became a handyman around their household, an expert at fixing his wife, with a tool for every task. His hand was meant for working her ass, just as his cock was the only key that fit her sexual lock.

6 responses to “#437) My Fingers Itch! #2”

  1. Wow Jean Marie! All that from just looking at one photo…I feel as though I know Julie now…and can look out for her the next time I go to the supermarket!

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  2. You have such a talent at mixing the absolutely perfect picture to the post itself!
    That was a great story line, a great pic and it is extremely erotic.
    Thanx bunches for sharing!

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