#440) To Dress, or Undress?

I just wrote and posted a story about getting all dressed-up in an elegant gown (among other things). Nothing puts me “in the mood” more than a classy dress. Francoise Sagan said it well, “A dress makes no sense unless it inspires men to want to take it off you.”

I realize that I’m not through with the topic of dresses, so here’s two more cents worth. First, look at the photo featured above, please. I think that is model Linda Evangelista, wearing a tulle creation that I love. What I’d really love is to have all that fabric thrown over my head as I bend over, seeing sunshine yellow only as I feel hands explore me, part me, possess me from behind…

Less formal, but still sexy AF is this clingy number. You’d feel clothed wearing this dress, but be nearly unclothed.

I also love this longer dress, with a less dramatic slit than the one in my story, “The Fat Lady Just Sang…”, but still quite daring.

As Francoise said above, the whole point is wearing something that he can’t bear until it’s off…

But, in my opinion, this goes too far to wear in public, though many starlets today still do. Teasing is one thing, wearing something so sheer that it leaves nothing to the imagination is quite another.

And I don’t even understand this dress! (I hope it’s okayed by WordPress; she IS fully dressed!) Why? I can’t help but wonder if, seen from the back, her bum is outlined, as well…

Now I’ve had my say about dresses. What do you think?

3 responses to “#440) To Dress, or Undress?”

  1. I think every woman should own several ( in various colors of course) of that second outfit! I mean wow! Mamselle Sagan’s quote apples to this item of clothing in spades.
    Jean Marie you have expanded my imagination most gloriously and I thank you most gloriously as well. You are awesome!
    Thanx from the bottom of my heart (and elsewhere) for this inspirational post!

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    • Thanks for offering! I’d like the dress in white, purple, turquoise, orange, red! Those are my favorite colors! This is so generous of you, paddlefan! Just Kidding!
      Warmly (with a big smile),
      Jean Marie

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  2. There are two kinds of dress which I prefer to wear and which I like to see other women wear. The first is dress no 2. …leaving little to the imagination but highlighting the woman’s bottom…including her crack. The second is a full-skirted dress which can easily be moved to one side to reveal the delights beneath…
    Sophie x

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