#441) “My Fingers Itch!” #3

“Somebody needs a good spanking, I wonder who?” What sub hasn’t heard that rhetorical question, usually while the Dom is smacking their palm with a heavy paddle or lethal cane? I hate that! Like I’m gonna raise my hand wildly in the air saying, “Me! I do! Please beat my poor bottom black and blue!”
But let’s parse that first phrase of the question for elucidation. First, I almost wrote it as “some body.” It’s a body that’s getting the painful punishment, specifically the backside of said body. Upon further reflection, I thought that whenever I’ve been spanked (“Over Billions and Billions Served” as the McDonald’s sign says), I’ve felt that my mind was getting spanked just as hard as my bottom. It truly is an attitude adjusting endeavor. Second, I used to teach grammar and writing as a part of my English curriculum for years. I would teach elementary students that the word “good” was overused and not specific. I advised against its use. But I use it all the time in my writing here in reference to a spanking. It’s purposeful, not mindless or by rote. A good spanking says volumes to this submissive. It’s a spanking that is just hard enough to make one murmur, make one’s eyes grow wide and this person’s pussy grow wet, to sting mightily, and then warm wonderfully, ending with a hurt that lasts. To take it, benefit from it, learn not to repeat the infraction, accept its stern tutelage, to get a good spanking, that is my reason de etre, that’s why my round, ripe rump exists!
Let’s look at some amazing arses, feminine fannies all, that make my fingers itch, that could use a good, hard spanking…

First, the photo above caught my attention. There are walnuts displayed next to the model; are we to assume that she’s cracking these open? …With her butt muscles? (I tried; it’s impossible! At least for me. Anybody else want to try?) My fingers itch for her big blond butt!

Then there’s this shot. You see a lot of pretty models in pools, maybe fully made-up, maybe even wearing jewelry. But in expensive Jimmy Choo high heels? One wonders if this model knows the difference between these and swimfins… Oh, my fingers itch! I want to spank her sweet vacuousness!

Okay, I have to be careful here; WordPress has regulations about too intense animal love… I grew up riding and loving horses. I’ve ridden them butt naked bareback and gotten off. But this lass thinks that she’s Catherine the Great and wants to take her love to the next level! Fortunately, the sculpture of the stallion is not made anatomically correct (they can be hung like a… well, a horse!). I’d like to bend this brunette over the hind quarters of the horse and spank her hind quarters hard!

Finally, here’s a photo of famous model, Emily R. As you know, I tried this career, never made it to her highly recognized level. But I know from experience that those three olives are about all the solid food she’ll eat today (given the calories of a dry martini). She’s blessed with beautiful breasts, is quite slender otherwise. But, I’d still like to turn her over the table and spank some sense into her. “My fingers itch!”

8 responses to “#441) “My Fingers Itch!” #3”

    • Dermatologists will tell you that it’s never a good sign to be “very itchy.” I prescribe that you close your eyes, imagine a very round, very deserving bottom, see what comes up, and scratch away…
      Dr. Jean Marie


  1. I like to imagine spanking female celebrities. Years ago I remember what was called the OBB…the Order of the Burning Buttocks…and correspondents were encouraged to nominate well known female celebrities for the award. When I’m watching TV there are lots of women who appear on it whose arses I would love to have under my hand!

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    • Ha! I’m laughing out loud, Sophie; I guess great minds think alike! Way back (posts in the mid-50’s through mid-60’s here) I posted about just this, naming Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Iggy Azelia, and many others. I confess I’ve gone to sleep thinking about some of these famous buttocks, fantasizing spanking them, rubbing one out to put me in the mood to fade away into slumber. Please tell me some of the celebrities on your list!


  2. Many on my list were UK celebs but also Gwyneth Paltrow, Katy Perry, Geri Halliwell as well as Kate Middleton (a future British Queen) and her sister Pippa (whose bottom stole the show at her sister’s wedding)

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    • I expected that yours might be more of an international list, but I heartily endorse it. Katy Perry does not get the credit she deserves for being a shapely, desirable talent. Geri Halliwell was the strawberry redhead in Spice Girls, correct? Also very inspirational for me below the belt! Oh, can you imagine a scene where you’d get to spank sisters, Kate and Pippa, one after the other?! Swoon! You’ll notice I didn’t mention Gwyneth. Respect her mother’s great acting, but the daughter doesn’t do anything for me, as an entrepreneur or in most of her work. Did enjoy her in “Shakespeare in Love.” Does Meghan Markle turn you on, as she does me? I think she might be a bit of a bitch, but all the more reason to fantasize about playing roughly…
      Kim K is a guilty pleasure of mine, don’t like many of her life choices, but would love to spend the night with her and a hairbrush… So I can’t criticize ANY other person.
      Thanks for answering my question, Sophie!
      Jean Marie


  3. Jean Marie, I have often thought about spanking Kate and Pippa one after the other…and their mother Carole as well. And Meghan Markle certainly does turn me on…as does another royal…Sophie, Countess of Wessex…older but imho with a very smackable bottom. I do warm to the idea of spanking women older than myself!
    Sophie x

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    • I wish that I didn’t just have a “like” button to push, but also a “love” button, or one saying “enraptured.” You press that button in me, Sophie. More to say later…


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