#442) Proofreading Assistance

When all of you lovely readers make comments on my writing, I’ll find myself rereading my original post, and sometimes catch some proofreading errors that I didn’t see the first time. This pisses me off! I’ve taught slews of students to do better, and here I am f*cking it up! It’s because I’m rushed, but that’s no excuse.

Remember the old concept of a Kissing Booth at a county fair? (I can’t imagine really letting strangers kiss me on the lips, but…) I envision adapting this to a Spanking Booth, where I’d be bared and bent over, ready to accept punishment from my readers for typographical errors. It seems some readers take this offense very seriously, and really spank me hard and long! Some of the most mild-mannered people (judging by their polite posted comments) spank the hardest, surprisingly.

Anyway, as I’d say over and over again if in a Spanking Booth, “I’m sorry!”

9 responses to “#442) Proofreading Assistance”

  1. So you should be Jean Marie…sorry that is! There is no excuse for the kind of errors you’re talking about…especially not by an English (American) language specialist like yourself. I would gladly redden that big bottom of yours!
    Btw…love that woman rubbing her spanked behind.
    Sophie x

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    • OHH, Grl, when you lecture me in that stern tone, I absolutely lose it! I said that I was sorry, but clearly that’s not good enough… Make me sorry, make me beg and plead, please, I’m in the mood to get nasty, pretty lady.
      More than just Warmly,
      Jean Marie


      • Well, let’s see.
        The person getting their butt checks warmed in a way that warms their masochistic heart all in the name of charity.
        The sadist delivering said blows to the butt gets to revel in said masochists dance and howls which is music to their heart again all in the name of charity.
        Don’t think I missed anything.
        Yeah, a win/win situation all around for all involved.

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  2. You will be more than warm when I’ve finished with you Jean Marie but your bottom will look beautiful. I have a mind to use the cane across those generous cheeks of yours…a striped bottom will suit you!
    Sophie x

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    • You ought to know that I would willingly submit myself to you, Mistress Sophie. Unlike many of the men who have written to me, men who launch right away into a scenario where they would dominate me cruelly because it’s one-sided, you have established a relationship with open communication and understanding. You have developed a rapport, that Trust that I’ve mentioned before. At your direction, I would undo the snap and zipper of my jeans. With trembling fingers and lots of wriggling of my hips, I’d lower my pants, so tight that they’d take my underpants down with them. I would gladly bend over, offer up my “generous cheeks” generously, my heart-shaped bum whole-heartedly. As round and impressive as it is, it is incomplete. It needs to be marked, striped…
      I’m not surprised when you approach my supine form with a cane in hand. This scientist that I’ve gotten to know is analytical, cool, reserved, but those still waters run deep, there is an untapped passion below the surface. The cane suits you; you’re going to make it suit me with lavish use. I fear it as I crave it. It is the epitome of implements, its intensity unrivaled; the same could be said of our budding attraction…
      I’m not going to say anymore and embarrass us both. Instead of writing, I need to close my eyes and fantasize, caress my cool, unblemished flesh and wish that it were hotly striped by you, touch myself profoundly, as does our colloquy.
      Warmly (to the point of flushed and feverish),
      Jean Marie


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