#444) “Sorry, I’m All Tied-Up Right Now…”

This will be the last one of those elements on that “Never Have I Ever” game that I want to talk about in-depth, this one on being tied to a bed. We know that there is a large group of people who fetishize bondage all by itself. (As there is for wearing stockings, sitting on faces, feet, scat play, etc.) I’m not one of these people, but I did have a couple really hot experiences being tied-up that I wanted to reflect on.

Even before I was bound, I found I liked it because it brought out the issue of Trust in stark relief. You have to give yourself over, relinquish all responsibility. In that way, I found it liberating to think about being restrained.

If you are into it, capitalism has come to your rescue; there are many types of restraints on the market. As is pictured above, you can buy restraints that go between your mattress and box-springs, so that they are available when needed, but can be tucked-away out of sight when not in use. You can buy some with a quick release feature, or that clip onto cuffs.

Before you go to any expense (particularly if you’re experimenting and not sure if you really like it), may I suggest you use neckties. (Although having padded cuffs for your wrists and ankles may be used for a variety of activities.)

My boyfriend has a whole wardrobe of neckties. They are made to be knotted and not get damaged. His carry his scent, augmented by the smell of a little past cologne, so I got turned-on just by having them put on me.

Before moving on, let me add that a blindfold only heightens that sense of being made to feel helpless, dependent, at his mercy. A simple sleep mask can work.

Now, the usual way to be restrained is to the four corners of the bed. (A four-poster bed can come in handy, if you find you DO love this form of expression!) But I like this method (pictured to the left) much more; it leaves you open to all of his suggestions, all the more vulnerable.

If you haven’t already, experiment, play around with a little bondage, just to spice things up (further).

I leave you with a little taste of what it looks like in action. I only wish that this small sample was a filling repast of forty minutes of restrained belt-whipping, instead of a quick four seconds worth!

7 responses to “#444) “Sorry, I’m All Tied-Up Right Now…””

  1. Being able to relinquish control completely, fully trusting your partner must be an exciting and fulfilling thing. Even when he is mischievous and does things that allow you to stretch your comfort zone.
    Thanx for sharing this!

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  2. I have been tied up but it frightens me even with someone I really trust. Things can so easily go wrong…e.g.what if your partner suddenly became ill and there was no help you could give because you were all tied up with no way of getting untied…I know very unlikely but…

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    • That’s why the quick release version is so popular, I think. Even though I’ve had several older boyfriends, I never thought of a heart attack, etc., strangely enough. Or were only thinking about YOUR being tied-up inflagranto? LOL

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  3. I was never really attracted to bondage until I tried it. These days I’m often restrained and whipped, then left immobile for up to an hour – sometimes also blindfolded and gagged. When Irene returns, she’ll whip me again, sit on my face til I maker come then fuck me.

    It seems to work wonderfully for both of us, but we only found this routine after a few decades. Who’d a thunk. Wonder what’s next.


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    • Thank you for reading and contributing, Rosco! You’ve hit upon the key, you never know about something until you’ve tried it!
      I hope your journey with Irene brings lots of tummy-flipping twists and turns, is a long and happy one!
      Jean Marie

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  4. What I loved was the bolster in the first pic. Sometimes I’d spank my gf as she lay over it, but not like in that photo – but length-wise! Straddling it! With her “flower” rubbing against the bolster as I spanked her.

    Just LOVED watching her get more and more excited and then – toe-curling orgasm!

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