#445) “Look Me in the Eye, Young Lady!” #2

A friend, Asa, who publishes Spanking Emporium blog, recently posted a fetching photo of one of his models taken from above. It showed her sacral dimples, cheekiness, lovely divide as she bent over. Given WordPress’ restrictions on not showing any sexual orifices, regulations that I’ve chaffed under, I found this quite creative. Asa entitled this photo “A Bird’s Eye View.” I commented that if I was to have a bird’s eye view of a lovely lady, I’d want it to be a falcon’s eye. Can you imagine being able to see something as small as a mouse in the grass from hundreds of yards up in the sky? Researchers say that falcons see objects in slow motion, much like successful major league baseball hitters see a fast pitch. Fascinating!
Anyway, my loving Top says that when he see any haughtiness in my eye, that’s naughtiness in his opinion, a spankable offense. Let’s look at some photos of lovely ladies that I’ve run across on the Internet who had “a look about them.” Look, please, at the statuesque lovely pictured above. Her facial expression and body language combine to convey an attitude saying, “So what if I’ve misbehaved, whatcha gonna do about it?” She needs to be shown…

Similarly, this brunette cool customer is offering an unmistakable challenge in her demeanor.

This photo captures the first step in a change for the better; notice how she’s starting to see the light as she’s made to bend over, offer her bottom up for correction.

This blond’s expression seems to confidently be conveying the question, “Like what you see?” Hold that eye contact as you warm her cheekiness, redden her fair complected bum, to answer, “I like it better now!”

There seems to be a bit more of a ‘tude captured in the photo of this blond. Let her cradle her bosom if she prefers, you are concerned with that fanny, the one that’s screaming for a scorching.

These two culprits are the worst offenders. Look at the unspoken defiance in the blond’s lift of her chin, the tilt of her friend’s head. Change their minds by spanking them both, one right after the other, in the presence of the other. They’re wordlessly asking for it. Answer them both in a language they’ll understand. There’s a lyric to an age-old song, “School Days,” that says, “…taught to the tune of a hickory stick.” That’s what these two need, to be made to go outside and cut a switch each, a switch that would then be worn-out across their proffered posteriors.

Now for a couple of girls who are starting to get the idea that their actions have consequences. To be reprimanded with the command, “Now lower your britches, young lady!” is the first step on the long journey to reformation. This cutie is beginning to understand “exactly what you are going to do about her past misdeeds.” Turn that look of anticipation and distress to one of contrition with a thorough thrashing of her bared backside.

Finally, the master artist, Aslan, has captured in his sketch that magic moment just before the storm unleashes its fury across her well-upholstered tush, where it’ll do her the most good.

Every one of these photos contain pretty females with a certain look in their collective eyes. Sometimes the look is haughty, sometimes outright defiance. The ball is in your court; how are you going to serve it back? May I suggest an ace of a shot, a volley of arm-exercising wallops, perhaps with a pickleball racquet or ping-pong paddle?

9 responses to “#445) “Look Me in the Eye, Young Lady!” #2”

  1. This is a wonderful collection of very spankable bottoms with attitudes that just call out a need for a good OTK butt whoopin’ accompanied by moans and groans, howls and yowls, and frantically issued apologies and promises to do better. Nonetheless the spanking process has to be continued until true repentance is attained much to the chagrin of the miscreant.
    The late Ed Lee, who spanked many young ladies on camera with great intensity said something ,that although I had heard similar comments from others, somehow made a unique impression on me. He had paused in the middle of a
    spanking and said to his viewers
    Don’t be afraid to spank that bottom- that’s what they’re made for!” Maybe that should be the battle -cry of spankers everywhere.
    Thank you for the collection of pictures and your insights!

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    • Through the wonder of the Internet, I’m quite familiar with the inestimable Ed Lee. He does spank with GREAT intensity!
      That is a marvelous quote! I’ve often thought (even written a bit about) that bums PRIMARY function should be absorbing punishment, sitting and all else secondary.
      Thanks, as always, for commenting!


  2. It may be just me, but the pic I liked was the lead pic; and not so much the model, but her come-fuck-me heels! The soles of which should be facing the ceiling.

    Just my dirty mind…!


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    • Dear A. J., Are you a shoe fetishist? I have several pairs of sky-high high heels. They hurt to wear, but look so f’ing good on, and make my legs & butt look phenomenal. As you say, the way to wear them is on one’s back with the soles facing the ceiling…
      Jean Marie


      • Me? A shoe fetish?

        Nah. Nor feet, either. Strictly a “leg” man.

        But as I mentioned before being in a bar with a couple of my favorite women co-workers, one of them who mentioned “QFM” shoes.

        Me: “What? QFM…?”

        Her: “Quick! Fuck me! You know; sexy out on-the-town shoes.”

        Clueless, I then got educated on “fuck-me-footwear!”

        Laughing, I asked her if I should begin checking out my date’s shoes when I pick her up to see if I was going to get lucky.
        And her reply was, “….ummm…maybe!”

        So, not a shoe fetishist, but I know what I like and what I don’t about women’s shoes.

        As an aside, second to pantyhose, those shoes are anti-sex. Getting her out of pantyhose is not-fun work and ruins the moment. Now, looking at those shoes laced up her calf – how the hell did she put them on? And more, encountering them for the first time in a softly darkened room – how the hell am I supposed to get them off???

        A lot of challenges lurking out there.



  3. Jean Marie, I’m overwhelmed with this post. I have long thought that women should be shown what their bottoms are for if not for sitting on. Nature has endowed us with a particular part of the anatomy which is ideal for punishment. That part of the anatomy is a site and sight of outstanding natural beauty. All that is required of us is that we proffer our bottoms, preferably our bare bottoms, for correction whenever we are asked to do so. I know that there are some churches where all the wives are regularly required to do this.
    In the pics above…I love every one but especially the one of the two girls who need to go and cut their own switches so that they can be used where they will do the most good!
    Sophie x

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    • Dear Sophie, if you want, go back in the list of past published pieces to #102, entitled, “Dialogue with a Dom About His Preferred Preferences for a Perfect Posterior” (or something like that). I loved exploring what it’d be like to be told that I HAD to keep my bottom at the ready for his uses.
      Your comment makes me long for someone who’d treat me like the iconic Madonna/Whore, where my bottom would be worshiped constantly until it wasn’t and would be used selfishly, even cruelly. Oh God! What is it about writing with you that makes it so difficult to keep my hands out of the cookie jar?!
      Jean Marie


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