#447) Forest Bathing

A walk in the woods has been given a new name, forest bathing. It sounds kind of new-agey, but I like its connotation with sun bathing, as you shall see.
I suggested to my boyfriend that we go forest bathing this weekend. So on Sunday we drove out of town, then went for a hike.
As soon as we entered the woods, and were bathed in its green light, I felt invigorated, reinvented somehow.
“I think that I shall never see, a poem as lovely as a tree…” I recited from “Trees” by Joyce Kilmer. I’d dressed specially for this adventure, not in boots and jeans, but rather in Converse tennis shoes, and a schoolgirl’s plaid skirt (because I knew Robert found this provocative). I improvised another verse just for the occasion, “’Specially one with branch of hickory, to switch my butt mercilessly…” Now I had Robert’s full attention, so I raised that skirt and yanked my knickers down.
Robert fell into my snare like a rabbit. He set about spanking my bared backside. I never liked the way Kilmer ended her work, it seemed too sappy (excuse the pun). So I improvised some more while my dearest belabored my bottom.
“Punishment’s meant for brats like me, particularly when you give it so splendidly!”
Robert didn’t give me the round of applause I thought I deserved. I guess he thought one hand clapping was enough. He did give me a standing ovation of another sort, so I arched my back, thrusting my now-red fanny out obscenely.
“Fuck me, fuck me from behind, fuck me like we’re wild animals!” I exhorted.
For a Top, Robert takes orders very compliantly.

9 responses to “#447) Forest Bathing”

  1. I have often been taken to the woods to be spanked. It may sound trite but the semi-public nature of such a location raises my anticipation to another level. As much as I know I have never yet been caught with my knickers down!
    Sophie x

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    • “Often” been taken there for spanking, Sophie? Oh, my! My imaginations reels at this!
      I think you are foolish, sweet Soph; there are legions of boys who stealthily follow you and your Dom whenever you make a trip into the woods. This horny horde silently hide themselves behind foliage, tree trunks, and hillocks to watch you lovely hillocks bared of your knickers and spanked. Dozens of adolescents jerk-off as your bottom is warmed, fertilizing the fertile soil, inspired solely by your beauty.
      It is not “trite” in the least! We ALL can understand how this would build anticipation for the act. Tell me truthfully, have you ever made love in the woods after your au natural spanking? If so, please spill the tea and give us details! If not, why the hell not? How could you resist, especially if it’s done “often” (oh my!)?
      You never fail to warm me, so
      Jean Marie


    • Such a foolish question, paddlefan? Seeing her creamy flesh jump and contort, hearing her yelp and squeal, watching that gorgeous angry red welt rise… One particular part of him HAS TO twitch; using a thin wooden rod gives him thick wood, twitching mightily!
      Jean Marie

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      • I like hearing that, paddlefan; thank you! I like hearing it about my writing, I like hearing it after I’ve taken a hard spanking like a good girl, I like hearing that after sharing a really satisfying fuck. I’d like to hear it when I serve a sumptuous meal, but that’ll never happen…

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