#449) One Minor Change

Surfing the ‘net, I happened upon the photo featured above. I liked it, saved it to my file, and am sharing it with you now.

I’d only make one minor change in it personally. I’d change one word, if I could. I’d take out that word “sometimes.” I constantly think about getting spanked in public. All the Fucking Time!

I didn’t sleep well last night, am not well rested. That fact will exasperate my thinking. I’m going to go run some errands in a few minutes, fill-up my car with gas for the week ahead, buy a newspaper, etc. Before I leave, as I get dressed in clothes, I’ll give a little thought to this. Would these jeans be easy to wriggle out of, if I happened to encounter a situation where Robert might want to spank me? No, I think I’ll opt for this short skirt instead…

I also wonder if other couples I see in public are into kink, especially spanking. And, as I’ve shared in the comment section, I constantly also wonder what it would be like to spank strange women I encounter in public. (By that, I mean random women. The woman doesn’t have to be strange to prompt my thinking, just be a stranger to me. I’ve already wondered these thoughts about ALL my girlfriends…)

Am I alone in these ruminations? I know I share this trait with one reader (who I’m getting to know better all the time). How about everyone? Do you think such things, occasionally, frequently, unendingly?

6 responses to “#449) One Minor Change”

  1. That is a game I have often played in public, the I wonder game as I call it.
    I wonder if that ass likes to be spanked.
    I wonder if that person is into rope.
    I wonder just how kinky they are.
    etc, etc.
    Gives a fun aspect to peopling….also makes them wonder why I’m smiling.

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  2. I’m also with you Jean Marie, I would love to be spanked in public. I like the thought of others watching, presumeably wondering what he has done to deserve that, wondering how much it hurts, possibly jealous… or maybe, depending upon what it did to deserve it thinking good for you, go girl, really give it to him!

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  3. As a child when eating a meal would have to take a bite of anything new on my plate. If I didn’t like that bite she required me to try one more just to be sure.
    That relates (in my kinky brain)

    o all women and erotic spanking. Every female should be required to receive 2 erotic spankings to see if they are excited by having their bottom slapped. If they don’t care for it the first time they should try it again sometime. Ya neva know.
    I know this plan of mine may never be implemented BUTT if it were I would quickly apply for the spanker job . I do have quite a bit of experience and I would work just for tips!

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  4. I think I might have been obliquely referred to in this post?! I cannot stop imagining what lies below other women’s clothing below the waist. Sometimes of course what they wear leaves little to the imagination but when she wears a full skirt my imagination works overtime…whether in real life or on TV etc. I have recently been watching the Australian series The Newsreader and have been fascinated by the young woman (South Asian)in the news room. She invariably wears quite full skirts and how I wish I could take her otk and…I just know that she will have the most adorable, pert, perfect bum!

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