#450) Art in Your Home

The painting above was created by artist Enric Sant. I like it. I don’t love it as passionately as most of the pieces I have on display in my home. (There is very little unoccupied space on any of my apartment walls.) Still, if I had the space and had this painting, I’d display it. I like the thought of art depicting people sharing sex (or even sexy things, like spanking).

How about you? Do you like it? Do you like it enough to hang in your home?

To digress deeper into the topic for a moment, let me illustrate my point. Are you familiar with the art work entitled “American Gothic” by Grant Wood? (It features a farmer carrying a pitchfork and his dour wife in front of their farmhouse.) I have a take-off of this work on display. My piece shows the farmer smiling as he brandishes a riding crop, and his wife, now dressed in a corset and slave-collar is looking on with a glint in her eye. I also have two photographic works that I really love. I’m embarrassed to confess that I’ve forgotten the name of this artist, it’s a woman with a name something like Arnas… Anyway, in one shot there is a naked woman bending over, showing her naked privates. She is masturbating her rectum with a bottle of Tabasco sauce. In another shot, a similarly nude woman is bending over holding a kid’s bottle of bubbles and a small bubble wand in each hand. She’s holding the wand to her anus, and the background of the photograph is filled with floating bubbles. I LOVE these art works! They speak to me, they say a lot about me. If you’re curious, I have these three pieces hung in my walk-in closet. It seems appropriate that these depictions of kink are closeted, as am I to the general public.

What do you think? Do you share my taste? Think I’m an unredeemable pervert?

(If you’d like to talk about Art some more, look at my intermittent posts between #302 to 327.)

6 responses to “#450) Art in Your Home”

  1. Without a doubt, you are an unredeemable pervert… and I thank you for that! I unsuccessfully tried to find your take off and wouldn’t know where to start for the other two works. Can you find them on line and post links?
    I didn’t realise that others used the tabasco bottle as well. Growing up it was one thing in the house that was the right shape. Maybe many do?

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    • Merksmith, I looked around online, but couldn’t find either of the works I mentioned. Sorry!
      To all the freaks who like a little spiciness up the butt, merksmith and I salute you as compatriots!
      Jean Marie

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  2. Hello! Unredeemable pervert pot calling unredeemable pervert kettle here! I LOVE “Kinkart” always have…admittedly sweet naughty girl I am a bit BEHIND (pun thoroughly intended) on reading some of your and the other esteemed naughty ladies posts but always enjoy when I do. Hope your Sunday afternoon is one of leisurely all hands on deck fun and excitement young lady

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    • Big K,
      Funny you should say this; I’m trying to redeem myself a little right now by necessity. I’ve missed talking to you here. Hope all is well with you; I hope to get to that “good place” after paying some dues that I owe.
      Jean Marie


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