#451) Urban Cowgirl

I love movies! Not just modern stuff, sometimes the older it is, the better. (Check out Buster Keaton or Charlie Chaplin’s work.) Anyway, there’s a movie that’s before my time, but has its moments. It’s called “Urban Cowboy.” It started the whole mechanical bull fad. A big bar in Texas, Gilly’s, got its huge reputation because of this. The movie centers around several men competing for the girl AND for the title in mechanical bull riding.
I would’ve liked this movie MUCH more if it’d been more like this, women wearing very little, grinding slowly on the mechanical bull, not for a trophy, not for eight seconds, but for the elusive prize of a gigantic, long-lasting orgasm.

9 responses to “#451) Urban Cowgirl”

    • Nope, the woman riding the bull is not me. I don’t think she needs a penis. I think the rubbing she’s doing on the moving bull is enough for her clitoris to achieve orgasm. Take care, sweet Christian!
      Jean Marie

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  1. Somewhere not shown is a operator either female or male who has a control panel that allows for the operator to adjust the gyrating and up and down of the bull.

    Do you think she/he gets a smile on their face?

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