#452) “Look Me in the Eye, Young Lady!” #3

Belle D. has a vivid imagination, bless her. She’s a college senior but likes to play as a little. It allows her to relinquish all responsibility, all control.
Because she likes feeling powerless, a kidnapping role-playing scenario excites her most. Her loving Top, Dan, had just forcefully picked Belle up from her bus stop, slapped some duct tape across her mouth, throwing her (and her “Hello, Kitty!” backpack and lunchbox) into the backseat of his car. A block away, he gets into the backseat with Belle and ties her up with soft hemp rope. She feels as trussed-up as a calf in a rodeo bulldogging contest. Dan doesn’t have to repeat the command, “Look me in the eye, young lady,” because in her terrified state, she can’t take her eyes off of him as he gets back behind the wheel.
As he drives her all over town (so as to disorient her), Dan issues other commands. “Raise your legs up into the air! Higher!” he barks, and Belle strains to obey, feeling warmed when he praises, “I love your pretty knee socks!” as much as she feels shamed when he adds, “As well as your gingham print panties…” She wonders what he plans to do with her. She realizes that she’s gotten lost in this labyrinth of a nightmare when her kidnapper snaps, “Keep your heels high in the air! I want to look at your pale thighs…” She snaps out of her daydream, looks back at her kidnapper’s face in the oblong mirror, wishes that he’d keep his eyes on the road! He looks more at her revealed upper legs in the rearview mirror than at his driving!
They reach the destination, wherever it is. He pulls the car into the open garage, then pushes a button to close the door. No one will see as he escorts her from the sedan into the side door of his house.
He yanks the duct tape off her mouth suddenly, painfully.
“Want something to eat?” he asks.
Belle shakes her head; her tummy is doing gymnastic backflips, asks a question of her own, “What’re you gonna do with me?”
“Enjoy you…” he answers with a smile as his hands venture under the hem of her dress, caress her panty-clad curves.
“I’ll scream!” she warns.
“Go ahead… no one will hear you… here, let me help…” and he sits and pulls her across his knee and starts to spank where he’d just caressed.
“No! No, don’t!” she wails. He doesn’t listen. God, to be turned over and spanked by a stranger! Oh God, he’s pulled the fabric of her panties up into the crack of her ass, effectively baring her bottom! Now he’s really spanking hard! “Please! Don’t!” As much as Belle hates everything he’s taking the liberty of doing, she is just as afraid of what he is doing. Belle has long fantasized about being forcefully spanked by a handsome demanding stranger. She feels her body betray her; it is as turned-on as it feels any pain or humiliation. “…Please…!”
He stops, rubs. The only sound is their cacophony of labored breathing. That hand is wandering… He’s pulling her panties down.
“Your cute little bottom is very red,” he remarks almost to himself.
“It’s very sore!” she counters, bringing him back to reality.
“And your pussy is really wet!”
“That’s none of your business!”
He chortles, “It’s either from being dominated and controlled or from being bared and punished. Either way, it’s my doing, so it is my business…” He rubs some more. Damn it, it feels heavenly. Belle realizes that he’s parting her flesh as he massages, that he’s getting a good look at her pussy and poop hole.
“Let me up!” she demands as if she was the kidnapper.
“Not until you tell me which.”
“Which what?”
“Whether it’s your being imprisoned or your being spanked that has you so aroused…” She offers no answer. He gives he several more swats. She struggles and grunts, but says nothing in words. “I’ll untie you if you answer… You have to be uncomfortable tied-up so tightly…”
Silence, just her breathing. He raises his hand to give her a good sound set of swats when she stops him with a spit-fire’s answer.
“Both… I’ve put myself to sleep for years… thinking about getting kidnapped… and bared and spanked hard… I’ve even spanked myself… so, it’s both those things… I can’t help it!”
After a long minute, he replies, “I bet that didn’t help you fall asleep… I bet those fantasies kept you awake… am I right?”
She doesn’t respond, just tries to quiet her breathing. For whatever reason, she’s panting just as hard as during that dreadfully delicious punishment. “Well, are you gonna untie me?”
He does, as well as take every stitch of her clothing off. She stands before him, staring at him fiercely, her breasts heaving, her pussy engorged and shiny-slick with juices. It looks like a stand-off, at least until he speaks, softly this time.
“Now crawl back over my knee and ask me to spank you again, sensually this time…” She stares at him wide-eyed, her mind racing. Why won’t he leave her alone, or handcuff her to a bedpost or the radiator..? And what did he mean by a “sensual spanking?” As if by telepathy, he says, “I want to spank you with warming swats while I finger your pussy… Now come here and prove that you want it by voluntarily getting into position for it…”
For the first time since his car pulled up to her bus stop, Belle takes her hazel eyes off of his emerald colored irises and submissively clabbers back over his knee. She arches her already sore seat up, feels his left hand snake under her hips, cup her sex, finger and part her. She sighs audibly, the sound of her melting. His other hand reaches up, comes down with a stinger of a spank. Belle yelps out of surprise. The house is filled with the poetry of her sighs, his spanks, her whimpers. All the sound effects grow louder, higher in pitch, reach a crescendo with her moaning through a cataclysmic climax.
Belle floats up out of her body, higher and higher, until she softly kisses the cheek of almighty God and is able to come back down.
“Was that the first time a man has brought you to orgasm?” he whispers.
Belle D. answers as a little. “Yes, sir… Now will you fuck me properly and show me what that feels like…?”
He carries her to his bedroom, lays her on the mattress. She opens her legs and he mounts her without any impediment. Suddenly she’s back to being a twenty-two year old college coed. As they establish a steady rhythm of hip gyrations, she pleads, “Choke me… I like that…”
He does. She grows more red-faced than when he was spanking her hardest. Dan watches, and as soon as her pretty eyes leave his and start to roll back in her head, he lets go.
Belle coughs as she cums, a strange combination, but no sooner than the contractions cease, she’s exclaiming, “Oh Dan! That was the best ever! It was just like I was really kidnapped, was a little girl… Thank you, thank you, thank you!” He assumes that they’re done, at least for the time being. “Give me another one!” Belle demands, referring to an orgasm. Her lover acquiesces to her topping-from-the-bottom, and slips his erection back into her eager sex. “Pinch my nipples… pinch ‘em hard… really twist ‘em… I love it…! Fuck me, fuck me just as hard… Just like that…” She leaves reality, busses God’s other cheek, returns to the bed. All is calm after her raging storm. “Golly, you really hurt my nips!” she whines in her little girl voice.
“You asked me to!”
She isn’t paying attention. From a dresser drawer where he allows her to keep some of her clothes, Belle puts on a peachy bikini top to protect them from any further touch.
Just shaking his head in disbelief, he remembers the thought when he first laid eyes on this minx with a nose-ring a month before. This girl is a handful, this girl is Trouble! How true that premonition proved to be! Dan picks her up and carries her into the bathroom. He wants to shower with his girlfriend as his girlfriend. She feels indebted to him, having mercurially switched back to being the mature Belle.
“Can I return the favor…? Maybe give you the best sex of your life…? Maybe a little up-the-butt action…?” Dan can only smile as he turns the hot water on full-blast. He smiles all the more as Belle soaps-up his erection until it’s fully restored, then turns, looks coquettishly over her shoulder at him as she arches her lower back, offers her tight little butt out to Dan. “Go ahead… fuck my butt… I like it…!” But he no sooner presses his circumcised head to the winking aperture than she’s back to being a little. “Oh goodness! You’re such a perv! Are you gonna sodomize me?”
Tired of trying to handle the rollercoaster ride that is Belle, he puts his hand over her mouth. She continues to mouth-off, but at least it’s muffled. She keeps her head turned, her eyes on him as he forces his hardness into her tightness. Her sidelong staring eyes grow so big as he slides into her slowly, so slowly, so sinfully, so sweetly.

(I’m laughing at myself right now [again]. I’m such a tech rookie! I wanted to intersperse these photos throughout the story, right where they are referred to in the plot, right where they inspired me to write. But I was unable to do so. Sorry, dear readers!)

4 responses to “#452) “Look Me in the Eye, Young Lady!” #3”

  1. I wonder if she has a sister….
    Thanx fer takin the time and effort to post this. You always match pics with imaginative stories and I really love that!
    Have a good un!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Commenters, Thank you for your insights on this. I think the girl pictured has the most lovely bare thighs, and a butt so cute it just begs to be spanked and spanked, so the words just flowed. I’m glad that the story “worked” for you, too!
      Jean Marie


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