#454) Nightie-Night Without a Nightie

Before I lay me down for spanks,
I want to offer special thanks.
First, to God, who made my butt so nice,
then to my Top, who shares my spanking vice.
I pray he’ll spank ‘til I scream God’s name.
Bedtime without spanks is an unholy shame.
As sweet as spankings are, they’re just foreplay
for the sex that follows, as night does the day.
Fucking so varied it’ll never become a rut,
whether in my tight pussy or up my tighter butt.

(As a child, did you go to bed nightly saying the prayer, “Now I lay Me Down to Sleep…”? I did. So, when I saw this photo, this poem/prayer unspooled. Enjoy!)

3 responses to “#454) Nightie-Night Without a Nightie”

  1. Nice!…and DAMN SEXY! Love tan lines! It’s like coloring between the lines from when I was a kid;
    Dear firm spanking lover above please punish me deeply before we make love…color my tan lines a bright shade of red that I might sleep peacefully the better in bed

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