#455) Just Too Much

On Monday, I posted a story (#452, “Look Me in the Eye, Young Lady!” #3) that centered on a girl who liked to role-play being kidnapped. I’m so glad that I saw the photos that accompanied that story first, before seeing this shot. This shot seems to show the entire bride’s side of the wedding party being kidnapped. That’s just too much! That’s too audacious to try to fashion a story around. Just look at this photo and come up with your own explanation.

4 responses to “#455) Just Too Much”

  1. The Spanker in me says he will get tired reddening four very spankable bottoms tonight. That really was my very first and very automatic thought. I actually envied him.
    I wonder what implement he would use.(4 bottoms would wear his hand plum out) No surprise here but I excitedly recommend a wooden paddle!
    Thanx bunches for fantasy fodder this morning!

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    • My first thought was that each of these women said to their male counterpart (the husband-to-be and his party) NOT to have a raucous, ribald bachelor’s party. Then these women had a raucous, ribald party with male strippers and debauchery. And the men found out, and now the women will pay the price.

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  2. I suspect that there are 4 groom and groomsman some where close with all the implements of discipline at hand with huge smiles. It is a great picture, and better subject of interest for our minds. Thanks for writing.

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