#456) Polar Opposites

She had always known that they were as different as sunny day is from deep night, true polar opposites.
He was so male. A man of action, not as good with words, a man of impulse, not used to always thinking things through, someone who felt things deeply but rarely expressed it openly.
He was such a pure Dominant, an extension of his masculinity; it thrilled her how strong he was, how easily he could pick her up, do with her whatever he wished. He could be tender, but usually after he’d expressed his first impulse to be stoic and strict. Her bottom was evidence of that! God, how he could spank, his face an impassive mask as his hand was so punishing.
As he left for work this morning as a construction foreman, leaving her in bed with a very sore, glowing butt and a very satisfied, glowing pussy, it occurred to her that there was more to it in their polar extremes than she’d thought. Her sexy parts, the ones that were so radiant at this moment, were like the south pole of a magnet. And his hand and cock were the northern poles of this magnetic field, naturally attracted, drawn to one another, made to complete one another.
It came to her mind, not for the first time, that it would continue to take work, so as to grow together in this relationship. Many people loved one another, but half of all marriages still ended in divorce. This motivated her to get up out of that comfy bed, sit on her throbbing naughty parts, and write him a note, a note he’d see when he came home from work tonight.
Dear Jim,
You know how they say it’s not a good thing to give a woman a gift of something functional, utilitarian, useful, something like a better vacuum for her birthday or a new washing machine for Christmas? Generally, that’s true, but that rule has its exceptions. You gave me a sound spanking this morning. It was something I needed, as functional and necessary as those appliances I mentioned. I promise to benefit from its stern and painful lesson! Because you are not cruel, you followed this hard gift with something more desired and easier to receive, you made love with me. It was some of the sweetest sex we’ve shared within recent memory! Thank you for these gifts; that’s what they are to me! I trust that you’ll continue to be just as generous with your wife in the future…
I love you with all my heart,
She put the note on the counter, where he’d be sure to see it. It’d really hurt to sit on her poor, abused butt just now, so she got the bottle of skin cream, pumped several squirts into her hand, and rubbed the lotion into her smarting bottom. Her backside was at that heavenly stage as she massaged the cream into her skin. It’d been just long enough since the spanking to forget the terrible pain, just recent enough to make her heart as glowy as her hind-end. One thing led to another, more lotion was applied to her fanny, then those slippery hands snaked around front and answered the renewed need in Jen’s sex, bringing her to another, soul-sating climax. She looked at the clock. She’d have to hurry through a shower to not be late for work. Being a high-powered lawyer in a respected firm had its demands, too. But they wouldn’t talk about them over dinner tonight, they never did, Jim had a short attention span for such things.

9 responses to “#456) Polar Opposites”

  1. Being a disciplined wife has to be a complicated thing! Many, if not most are usually sent to the corner in order to get her thoughts and emotions sorted out. That’s an important ritual to many women although many don’t particularly like it, they say it is helpful.
    Controlling her anger toward bim an toward herself is a necessary process. The emotions are numerous and some of those feelings are very intense.
    The pain is an added complication. We men sit without giving it a thought. Spanked wives do not always have that luxury. Such a basic activity becomes a painfully uncomfortable experience.
    Within an hour of that spanking she feels peaceful, more down to earth, more submissive, and more in love wi

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    • I know exactly what you mean, Sophie; sitting on a throbbing bum as you’re made to write lines or a diary entry about getting spanked, then having to stand and bend over the table to have your writing inspected… If your efforts were not up to par, more spanks could be applied before more writing was assigned… I swoon at the mental images!


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