#457) Polaroids for Every Stage of It

“I’ve got an idea,” he said, “now that we have several Polaroid photos of you in that lacy lingerie, I suggest we remove those pretty panties, and take Polaroids of your sexy ass in various stages…” George started to peel her underwear down, leaving her hanging.
“Various stages of…?” Elsa asked, intrigued.
“Various stages of whipping,” George answered and placed a new, leather braided riding crop under her nose. “With this.”
“Oooh,” Elsa sighed, dropping the developing photograph and picking up their new play toy, “it looks like it’ll really sting…”
“Don’t worry,” George consoled, “I’ll take it easy on you!”
“What’s the fun in that?” she shot back, arching her now nude ass into the air. “How about you take a picture after every ten lashes…?”
George took the lethal looking implement from his lover and stepped to the foot of the bed. “How about you count your lashes out loud as they’re pronounced?”
“Yes, sir,” she replied, putting her head down and raising her bottom still higher.
With it so elevated, her buttocks were parted wide. George stared for a long moment at the freshly revealed charms that his girlfriend wasn’t shy about showing-off. He’d used a riding crop in his past, but not recently. He took careful aim, so as to be sure not to graze her pussy lips with his strokes. She might feel it across her anus, but that was her fault for exposing it.
By the second lash, Elsa was sorry for having been so bold with her positioning. The crop flexed and curved into the divide between her buttocks, as well as wrapped a bit, given how hard her loving Top was using it on her. Her voice quavered calling out the eighth stroke, but she made it to ten. But she felt instantly invigorated when she saw the Polaroid shot of her striped ass.
“God! That’s so… hot!” she said under her breath.
“I have to agree,” George smiled, putting the camera down and giving her welts a comforting rub.
“I think I can take another set…” she offered, wanting to see what the next Polaroid would look like.
“If you’re sure…” he replied, picking the crop back up.
“Maybe… not quite so hard with these ten,” she smiled wanly, but kept her butt high in the air.

11 responses to “#457) Polaroids for Every Stage of It”

  1. I gotta try that!!!Where do you get these ideas?
    I see a photo album featuring pics from the worst (and therefore the best) spankings ever! Something to pass on to future generations ya know.
    I really en joyed this post! Thanx bunches!!!

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    • You just gave me another idea, paddlefan.
      Kids today aren’t raised with spankings like I was. So I love the idea of a mother sharing with her daughter on the eve before the girl’s wedding a photo album comprised of pics of mom’s bottom post-spanking. Mom’s giving daughter advice on having a happy marriage. Then, much to daughter’s surprise, Mom invites her prospective son-in-law in to see the album. He gets turned-on and will never look upon the mother the same way again. She gives him her hairbrush and suggests he employ it across daughter’s tushy. They all live happily ever after.

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    • Oh, there’s a nice thought! The father sees his wife’s showing these photos to her son-in-law for what it was, a come-on. So he bares and spanks the mother while encouraging his new son to do the same for his daughter’s benefit. The father spanks long and hard, and the son matches him blow for blow across his new bride’s blushing bottom. What a lovely tableau!

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  2. I like the pic of her; sensuous and exotic. Not a big fan of the too-lacy panties, but what intrigued me was the many straps around her neck, all heading south. To where? I don’t see a band on her back so – what’s she wearing? Where are those straps going?


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    • GOOD question, A.J., and I don’t have an answer. The horizontal ribbon looks like a choker, but the others? Maybe they go down between her bare breasts to connect to the piece that encircles this woman’s waist (above the panties). I love clothing that doesn’t cover anything! But I’ve never seen or worn anything like this!


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