#458) Hot and Cold

I’d been writing at the computer all this fall day. As is often the case, I got so engrossed in my work that I’d forgotten to eat anything. As is always the case whenever I write my erotica, I was dressed minimally, today in only a black t-shirt (because of the cool start to the season).
I opened the refrigerator, ravenous but not interested in cooking anything. The coolness of the interior of the fridge, the air conditioning of the apartment, the fall temperature outside, none of it could match the heat my body was generating. My libido was revving my body’s engine, body heat shimmering off of me like those squiggly lines you see rising off the asphalt on a summer’s day. My pussy was radiating the most heat, engaged as it was in what I’d been composing. The cooled air from this silver appliance felt coolest there on the wetness between my legs.
My lover was confronted with this tableau when he walked through the door, finally home from work. He comes up behind me, presses the length of his from against the length of my bare backside.
“Mmmm, I missed you…!” I coo.
“I can see that,” he replies as his fingers diddle my aroused pussy. We just stand there in the artificial light and temperature of the fridge for a long minute. “What were you thinking about for dinner?” he eventually inquires.
“I wasn’t… nothing looks appetizing… I don’t feel like cooking…” I feel his erection grow, pressing against me through his trousers perfectly aligned up the crack of my ass. “…Let’s just nibble on each other…” I suggest.
“Not nibble, feast,” he corrects. He gets his cock out. I brace myself with my hands against the fridge, as I bend over further and offer my backside out to my lover. He slides into my sex and slaps my ass simultaneously.
I close my eyes at the overwhelming deliciousness of the moment. I’m getting fucking and spanked at the same time by the man I love. I’d had a profitable day of writing. Everything was perfect. I tried to express all of that in the way I moaned.

3 responses to “#458) Hot and Cold”

  1. I’m going to keep a keen eye out for a fridge nymph coming out of our refrigerator. I certainly like the bare butt species. The ones we have here usually have pants and don’t seem to want to play.

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