#459) Polar Bear Society

As I grew-up, my family spent our summers at a spring-fed lake in a northern state. It was such a lovely, pristine environment, but that water was cold!

From that background experience, I cannot fathom swimming in waters where you have to chip the ice away first! My heart goes out to these poor models. It makes for a fascinating photo with the bare flesh contrasting with the natural surroundings, but the price these models paid was steep!

Still, I can’t help thinking, as I look at these three evocative photos, what it would feel like to be in that ice cold with a freshly spanked bottom…

4 responses to “#459) Polar Bear Society”

  1. I have been highly attracted to female bottoms for as long as I remember. The view of a female derriere in the buff just seems sooo very intimate and that exited me . The size and shape may make a difference in some respect but any female bottom is special to me. And when in combination with the well chosen words you always provide for me, reading your posts is something I look forward to. Thank you for brightening my day

    Oh ! Before I forget let me add this. No matter how cold the water or how long you stay in it I seriously doubt that you will come out of the water ” frigid”.
    Thanx sooo much for this post!!!

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  2. I love the skin on the first model’s back… that skin has just had a nasty shock. It has underlying red with goosebumps trying to form (but I think that it’s just too cold for that). I’m absolutely sure that Paddlefan is correct with his conclusion!

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