#460) “Look Me in the Eye, Young Lady!” #4

Time for another installment in this series, photos that caught my eye because of a certain look in the young lady’s eye. These are photos that didn’t inspire a whole story in my mind, just a reaction in my gut, or lower.

Take a look at the impressive beauty pictured above. There is something almost imperious about her. She is statuesque with those long legs (and that ass), and seems to have a challenge in her eyes, as if she’s demanding (not asking), “Can I help you?” Personally, I can think of about eight ways that she could…

A very different impression is created by this lovely woman, almost the opposite. Everything about her is sensual and inviting, including her beguiling “come hither” facial expression.

This drawing caught and held my eyes, my brain’s attention, my libido’s arousal. Her skimpy panties and the banner on the wall seem to proclaim this lass’ affection for Ireland, to which I’d respond, “Erin go brae!” (and bra-less!)

Please look closely at this fetching female’s photo. If you do, you might notice that she has three sets of tan lines. She’s worn a full-cut bikini bottom AND a pair of short-shorts that ended just below her butt cheeks out in the sunshine. I like a comment made by a reader concerning tan lines. They are the demarcation for a Dom to “color inside the lines” like in a coloring book. What shades of red would you choose to color her backside? The look in her eyes seems to declare her interest in your doing so, regardless of her wedding ring.

I don’t think that I have to beg you to look closely at this photo. Her attire (or lack thereof) and posture seem to offer an invitation, an overture that her eyes are promising will be worth your time and effort.

Finally, this enchantress’ photo arrested my wandering eyes and held them for questioning. In Yiddish, there is the term, “zaftig” which means a woman’s figure is full, well-upholstered, curved and lush. Ow, my Jewish friends would love to look upon this girl’s roundness!

Not so long ago, back when I was in high school, the hem of our skirts couldn’t be shorter than four inches above the knee. Breaking that rule could mean a trip to the principal’s office for a meeting with the paddle. I’d REALLY like for this sweetheart to wear this outfit to Jefferson High

Keep your eyes open, there is beauty all around us; enjoy!

One response to “#460) “Look Me in the Eye, Young Lady!” #4”

  1. How I love all your pics here! In response to your question about the woman wearing bikini and shorts…crimson is the shade of red I would choose to colour her naughty backside!

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