#461) Pickleball

Have you been caught up in the pickleball craze, as I have? I’ve played with Robert, with a teacher-friend, and as a foursome. It’s fun and great exercise. But, not as much fun or as aerobic as what’s going on above!

I wish that I weren’t so well known in my small town, so that some of my pickleball matches might end like that!

Judging from his haircut and their clothing styles, this photo looks like it’s from the 1970’s, that it’s a still from an old porno movie, that he’s going to boink her over the net after the spanking. Robert, my love, are you reading this? I’d be willing to take a long drive to a far-away, foreign city, just so that we could play anonymously. I’d even be willing to wear an N95 mask, if it’d mean that we could frolic and fuck afterwards…

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