#463) Working-Out

Having more time for myself over the weekend, especially a three day weekend, I’m working-out some today. I’m trying to keep my shape in shape, even if I no longer attend a public gymnasium (still too afraid of catching Omicron, etc.). So I work-out in my apartment, some kettleball work, squats, mule-kicks, Pilates and yoga. All in the nude, as I’m most comfortable. It’s funny; I never get through an entire work-out before I’m interrupted by Robert. Then the work-out changes into something more strenuous, but a lot more fun!

6 responses to “#463) Working-Out”

    • He’s VERY demanding, Prefectdt! He works my body so hard, works my butt over thoroughly, leaves me covered in sweat and panting. I think Shakespeare said, “strict in his arrest, a stern task master.”


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