#464) Farming

She grew-up the daughter of a dirt farmer. She just married an Agriculture major from the university. He knew all the theory and book-stuff, she knew it from the practical side. Yesterday, they had a simple ceremony at the county clerk’s office, and today they were living the dream on his modest little plot of land. She made him a farm breakfast like her daddy always ate at first light, scrambled fresh eggs, hotcakes, bacon, coffee. While he brushed his teeth and slathered on sun block, she went out to the tractor. This is the sight he beheld when he emerged out the backdoor.
“Your overalls seem to have slipped down…” he said in her ear before he kissed it.
“Just far enough to give you access…” she smiled, pleased to feel his manhood pressing urgently against her buttocks. She’d fucked with him hard last night, after all, it was their wedding night. But you wouldn’t know it by the need they both displayed right now. “…When you’re in that tractor seat…” she gestured with a head nod toward the piece of machinery she was leaning up against, “remember how good this felt. It can get pretty boring plowing furrow after furrow all day long… So remember how nice it is plowing my furrow. There’s more where this came from, if you want it, after supper, which I’ll have on the table at four-thirty…”
“I’ll want it…” he answered, meaning both the food and the fuck. They were really rolling now, two bodies locked together, of one mind about the outcome, getting faster, groaning louder, cumming simultaneously, growing ever closer.
Life had been boiled down to its essence. Grow crops, stay healthy, procreate.
She looked back at him over her shoulder, “We do do that well, don’t we?” Love radiated off her like the love that leaked out of her.

7 responses to “#464) Farming”

  1. Really liked this story and the pic. She is starting out very well and as a farmer’s wife. However I can’t help but wonder what that behind will look like after he has to take a switch to it for whatever reason.
    Thanx bunches!

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    • You come in from the fields. Supper is not on the table, but this note is, “I was a bad girl today, on purpose. I’m waiting to answer for it in our bedroom. Love you, Mandy. P.S. Food is in the oven staying warm. It’ll keep until after my lesson.” You go outside and cut that switch (you mentioned) and bring it into the bedroom. Mandy is on the bed with her britches down. But she sneers when she sees what you’ve got in your hand. “Daddy used to use a switch on me when I was a little girl, Mommy a wooden kitchen spoon. I outgrew both of them…” She rolls over and arches her ass out at you. “Take off your belt. Teach me a big girl lesson…”

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