#465) “My Fingers Itch!” #5 Part I

Here are some more photos that I’ve run across on the Internet that made my fingers itch, made me want to spank for one reason or another.

For example, the young lady pictured above will tell you that she’s among the small percentage of people who can roll their tongues, but in reality, she’s taking the opportunity to display some attitude. She’s simply sticking her tongue out at you, the universal sign of defiance. She’s asking for it; take her by the ear and march her over to a chair and spank those cheeks that’re peeking out from her bikini bottoms. Yank that swim suit up the crack of her ass and really spank her hard. Oh, she makes my fingers itch!

This rock n roller suffers from the same affliction in a record resale shop. Bend her over the oldies bin, bare her butt, and don’t stop spanking until tears trickle from underneath those mirrored sunglasses and she’s begging for mercy.

This woman (who I happen to find most attractive) seems to show the most attitude. Take her by her necktie, take her across your knee, warm her bare butt thoroughly! I’d suggest inserting that sticky sucker up her bum before having her serve cornertime.

This young lady was given license to paint her apartment walls, but the landlord didn’t realize each wall would be a different color! He’s started expressing his displeasure with the caning you see evidenced across her cheeks. She’s just been sent to her bedroom to await more punishment. What more does she deserve? Don’t decide until you see how she’s painted that room!

I have much more to say, but don’t want to ask too much of any one large posting, so this will be continued.

3 responses to “#465) “My Fingers Itch!” #5 Part I”

  1. I love the ladies that you have found in these pics and agree with your thoughts… except for the last one. She has already been well beaten, and from what I can see she had done a good job… there is no paint spilled on the carpet and she has cut into the corners nicely. Save any extra for the cheeky sexy lady with the lollipop!

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    • It’s so interesting to me to see how people react to the photos & my writing! Thank you for commenting, merksmith. I find those multi-colored walls horrendous. If left up to me, I’d have her thrashed over and over, would love to have a hand in it myself! Whereas you see the good job she did on other details and think her striped bottom has had enough. Different strokes for different folks.
      We do agree on the sexy lady with the lollipop, however! My, she does unmentionable things to me, and I’d love to turn around and do all manner of things to her, including that lollipop…

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