#466) “My Fingers Itch!” #5 Part II

Continuing where we left off, look at the photo of the blond above, please. She has the audacity to be rolling her eyes while getting a well-deserved spanking! Clearly more stern measures are called for; what implement would you suggest?

This pretty miscreant (yes, I do have a type) is rolling her eyes while watching her blond friend take her spanking. My fingers itch! She’ll be next to go OTK, I strongly suggest you show her the error of her ways by utilizing implement after implement on her where it’ll do the most good…

Of course, this is the most easily recognized form of defiance. How should we address her cheekiness?

Now, a lack of repentance and remorse is not usually so blatant, usually it’s just a look in the eye. A good start has been made across this brunette’s bottom, but clearly (judging by that look) much more is needed.

This raven-haired and ravishing recipient seems to be further along that road to repentance. May I suggest that you segue from spanking to something a bit more serious, say a sizzling belt strapping, so as to finish up strong?

We’ll let that be enough for now. How satisfying it is to see a young lady, once so belligerent, now becalmed, standing in the corner, all sets of cheeks trembling, one tear-stained and the other reddened and warmed from a thorough thrashing. She’s slowly able to sooth herself, transitioning from sobs to soft hiccups and sighs. She’s contrite, and content in the knowledge that any attitude or misbehavior will be answered with swift consequences. Your fingers no longer itch. All is right with the world, at least for now.

3 responses to “#466) “My Fingers Itch!” #5 Part II”

  1. A freshly well spanked bottom is a wonderful night to behold and often reflects a repentant spirit in a once rebellious young (or even mature) woman.
    I LOVE IT!!!
    Thanx mega bunches for these posts!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ow, Sophie! You don’t mess around; the cane AND THEN the strap! Please remind me to tip-toe around you!
      But I agree, her offense is serious and needs to be addressed in a serious manner.


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