#468) Labor Day post

First, if you are on holiday today, please enjoy it to the fullest, be safe and have fun!

Next, I have some photos to share that didn’t fit into any one category.

I don’t think I need to encourage you to closely peruse the above photo. But, what we have here is a failure to communicate (to quote a great line from the movie, “Cool Hand Luke”). When I was in middle school, my mother was the arbiter of what was proper to wear out in public. That was when my body developed, and that was when I thought that nobody should tell me what to do. IF I had attempted to wear something like this attractive lass is outside, I would have heard about it! “March right back upstairs and change into something that isn’t so suggestive,” she’d say. (She even kept a ruler right by the front door to measure the length of the hem of my skirt in relation to my knee.)

Once, I had the nerve to question my mother, “What do you mean by ‘so suggestive’, suggestive of what?” While using that ruler on the exposed portion of my backside for emphasis, she answered, “Suggestive that you’re selling what’s on display! Are you interested in being mistaken for a streetwalker trolling for tricks?” She made her point very clearly with the aid of that ruler.

But these three women clearly didn’t learn that lesson back when they were adolescents. However, as my mother would also say, “It’s never too late to learn!” (with the aid of that ruler!)

I’d suggest a sound ruler lesson across their backsides, including across the backs of their legs, so they won’t be able to wear so revealing attire for a while (another trick of my mother’s).

These three pictured ladies make my fingers itch. Is it just me, or do you agree that a spanking is in order? (Unless, of course, they ARE all streetwalkers, in which case some negotiation is in order…)

My reaction is entirely different to this pictured beauty (and why there is no categorization here). There is no attitude here, except maybe one saying that she’s open to any suggestion. Her fresh-faced beauty is so beguiling! I would LOVE to wake up next to her some morning. Her direct stare and easy smile are screaming that she’d like to fully wake-up with a little frolic. How could anyone answer anything except YES, I want to kiss you, yes I want to lick you all over, yes I need to finger you to readiness, yes we need to get out the strap-on, yes, yes, yes…!

Similarly, look at the look this lass is giving you. Let’s say you just moved in next door. You caught her sunbathing in the nude in her unfenced backyard. She scampers to her backdoor. But before running inside, she stops, turns, gives you this look.

Maybe you’re dense. Maybe you don’t race over and pound on her backdoor to introduce yourself, to tell her your life story and all your secret desires, primary among them the need to get to know this enchanting lass, know her name, know her in the Biblical sense of that word…

Instead, you go into your new abode, your mind unable to think about anything except her. Your fingers are unable to do anything except reach down to pleasure yourself while you remember her steady eyes and jiggling bottom. You are close to bringing yourself off when there’s a pounding on your door…

You see those same hypnotizing eyes. She’s slipped on a terrycloth bathrobe, but neglected to tie it closed. Her chest is heaving, just like yours, her sex is aroused, just like yours…

“Hi… I had to introduce myself…” she smiles. You stand aside, she comes right in. Her gaze is saying it now, hear it? She’s saying yes… yes to everything, not for forever, but yes to the now, and that’s enough…

Happy Labor Day, my friends! I hope the confection of these photos and the words I’ve spun has you on a sugar-high! I’m going back to bed, back to my lover; I want to give him one of my looks…

5 responses to “#468) Labor Day post”

  1. Spanking sometimes is part of effective foreplay.( I need to close my mouth and stop drooling on my phone screen) Let me be the first person to thank you for this post!
    Thank you!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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